North Korea

ICBM Expert Warns North Korea Nukes Capable of 6,000 Mile Flight With Minor Tweaks

North Korean claims regarding its latest missile test have been met with trepidation by the outside world, but one expert believes that there is a very real cause for grave concern.

Kim Jong Un has been steadfast in his hopes to someday strike the United States with a thermonuclear weapon, a dream that he has envisioned time and again in fanatical bouts of propaganda disseminated throughout his reclusive nation.  Previously, the diminutive dictator had failed miserably in his ability to launch even medium-range projectiles, causing great embarrassment to Kim on the world stage.  His most recent launch, however, was a doozy:  A legitimate intercontinental ballistic missile that flew for nearly an hour and reached a dizzying height before crashing down into the ocean.

According to conservative estimates, that device could easily reach Hawaii or Alaska – a claim that has bought the U.S. a desperate few weeks to prepare.  One expert, however, believes that a few minor adjustments to that device could render it capable of obliterating a west coast city in the contiguous U.S.

“The missile is currently estimated to have a range of 4,000-5,000 miles – enough to reach Alaska or Hawaii, according to aerospace engineer John Schilling.

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“He said: ‘If the Hwasong-14 is put together the way we think it is, it can probably do a bit better than that when all the bugs are worked out.’

“Speaking to 38 North – a monitoring project linked to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA – Schilling warned the rocket is ‘likely’ to be able to deliver a half-tonne warhead to San Diego within two years.

“Schilling added: ‘The North Koreans won’t be able to achieve this performance tomorrow, but they likely will eventually.’

“At present it would be ‘lucky to hit even a city-sized target’, due to limits to its re-entry technology, he said.”

This development comes at a highly inopportune time in which the Trump administration has their hands full with diplomatic collateral possibilities in the case of North Korean preemptive action.

Not only will President Donald Trump need to be wary of China’s ego in confronting North Korea, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has also expressed interest in seeing the United States abstain from a tactical strike on the rogue nation.  Furthermore, it is likely that Kim Jong Un is ready, willing, and able to strike Japan or South Korea should be U.S. turn to brute force in the matter, complicating any plans that America could have for covertly removing the despot.

With options narrowing and time running out, Trump’s next move on the Korean Peninsula requires the utmost in diplomatic calculation.

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