I Beg to Differ

I was reminded of an old saying a while back: “You can argue with opinions, but you can’t argue with facts.” Now I am just making an educated guess here, but that fella obviously was never married, didn’t know any attorneys, and atheists were not in his circle of friends.

If there is more than one person in a conversation of any importance, you will find out how quickly that even facts can and will be argued. That is where the concept of majority rule comes in.

The majority of people in America agree that rape, murder and theft are criminal acts. That is why we have prisons. The FACT is that more and more prisons are built because more and more people commit the crimes that we ascribe as wrong. I wonder if the day will come when we decide that we have run out of room for prisons and decide that one of the aforementioned deplorable acts is not as bad as we thought, simply because we can’t house anymore criminals. I mean, hey, states are jumping on the legalization train for drugs so anything is possible, right?

Maybe there are some people who just need killing. Then again maybe not- Charles Manson is still breathing. He has been given way more consideration than he gave his victims.

There is no excuse for rape. Well, unless of course the girl was wearing a short skirt and flirting; then she deserved it, right? Everybody knows a man can’t control himself and boys are under the influence of their hormones and we can’t ruin their future by holding them accountable for their actions.

Stealing is wrong, and there is no excuse for it. Unless of course you were raised up poor in the ghetto, then you might have to steal to get ahead in this life. You have no choice. NOBODY ever made it out of poverty without stealing. Besides, stealing from Walmart isn’t really a crime. I mean, it’s a big corporation and there is really no harm in it- right? That poor underprivileged youth only beat the homeowners because they had the audacity to show up while he was trying to find something worth taking.

I am going to give you one fact that is indisputable (though I am sure someone will try). No amount of prisons, halfway houses, rehabilitation facilities or other institutions created to control the behavior of man will ever take the place of changing the heart of a human to live by and follow the will of God. There is not an inspirational meme, psychologist, prescription drug or anything else made by a person that can do what the Creator can. But by all means, let’s spend trillions of dollars and less time in prayer. It has been working so well for us this far.

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