Hypocrite Donna Brazile: “When They Go Low, We Go High”

Hypocrite Donna Brazile, who helped Hillary cheat in the debates, exposes the entire Clinton campaign.

Brazile has been let go by CNN because Wikileaks proved that she fed Hillary Clinton some of the questions she would get during her primary debates against Bernie Sanders.

Per The Daily Caller,

Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, began providing town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign earlier than previously known, emails released by WikiLeaks on Monday show.

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The email threads also show that Brazile, a former CNN contributor, revealed to the Clinton campaign the name of the person who provided her with a question that was asked of Clinton at a March 13 town hall co-hosted by CNN and TV One. Brazile also shared a question from a debate hosted by CNN a week earlier.

A March 12 email exchange shows Brazile stating that she received a town hall question from Roland Martin, a TV One host who co-moderated a March 13 town hall with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

A March 5 email shows that she shared a question with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and communications director Jennifer Palmieri that was to be asked in a March 6 debate hosted by CNN in Flint, Mich.


Yet this is what she tweeted yesterday:


The self-righteous can’t seem to even imagine that anything they do is wrong. Hypocrite Donna Brazile isn’t even embarrassed!

And the hypocrisy isn’t limited to Brazile. The Washington Examiner reports,

President Obama still thinks Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile is doing a good job, despite the news Monday that she was ousted from her commentator job at CNN for leaking questions to Hillary Clinton, something she has denied doing.

“The president believes that she’s done a fine job stepping in in a very difficult situation to lead the Democratic Party,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said about Brazile taking over the reins from disgraced former chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida.

“Those of us who’ve known Donna a long time know that she is a person of integrity and a person of high character,” Earnest continued. “She’s a true professional who is a tenacious and effective advocate for Democrats … and you know I for one am pretty excited about the fact that we’ve got her on our team.”


But don’t let the story about Brazile take the attention away from Hillary Clinton.


As Donald Trump pointed out, if someone had passed him a question the media would have attacked him.

According to Breitbart,

Republican nominee Donald Trump told an audience of roughly 8,000 cheering fans that if he had cheated in presidential debates the way rival Hillary Clinton had, he would be sent to the “electric chair.”

Trump was commenting on the revelation by Wikileaks on Monday that CNN commentator Donna Brazile, who is now the chair of the Democratic National Committee, had been caught again passing debate questions from the network to the Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary.


Trump noted that Brazile was not the core issue — “I don’t care” about her, he said. Rather, he argued, Hillary Clinton should have reported Brazile the first time she tried to pass debate questions to her.

Yes, Hillary should have. But she will do anything she thinks will help her rig the system in her favor. And she will continue to feel morally superior while doing so.

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