HYPOCRITE: DiCaprio Preaches Against Dangers of Climate Change. Guess How Much Fuel He Burns Every Year.

I am of the opinion that Leonardo DiCaprio is the second best actor currently living in our world today. He can play almost any character. You never would confuse his characters from one movie to the next. But this should also concern us when it comes to one thing. Trust.

If a person can be anyone that they choose, on cue and for pay, can you really know who they are? How can you tell if they were telling the truth or being sincere? We know that there are always tells, and an expert would find DiCaprio’s, but we are not experts.

So, what if such a high caliber actor tries to tell you something was true. How would you know if that person was being honest? Well, all we would have to do is simply look to see if they lived according to that truth.

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When Leonardo DiCaprio stood up during the Oscars and preached about climate change destroying us all and that we needed to change, one might actually be moved. That is until that person looked into DiCaprio’s life style.

Fox reports

In January, he even flew by private jet to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to attack the “greed” of the energy industry. In one six-week stretch during 2014, he took six private flights between New York and Los Angeles, according to WikiLeaks. That same year, he rented the world’s fifth largest yacht, Topaz, from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, which boasts its oil reserves as the seventh-largest in the world, in order to watch the World Cup with his friends.
The Topaz reportedly burns through $6 million in fuel a year, which breaks down to $16,438 a day.
And while DiCaprio drives environmentally friendly cars, including a Fisker electric car and a Prius, and rides a bike around New York City, he owns multiple homes which use a lot of energy, including a $4 million apartment in New York, a Malibu beach house with a guest house, and a $5 million Palm Springs mansion.

Now, I have been called a hypocrite before, and it is not fun. I as a Christian know that it is hard to live out your beliefs perfectly. But, this seems to be a very inconsistent lifestyle for someone who thinks that the world is doomed.

That is unless DiCaprio has come to the conclusion that there is no hope. In which case, he was simply wasting everyone’s time Sunday night.

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