Hurricane Harvey Alligator Threat Hits Living Rooms in Houston Outskirts

Texas is elbow deep in recovery efforts this weekend, as a number of residents begin to return home to their flooded properties.

There are still a great many Texans stranded in evacuee shelters and makeshift safety villages, but for some, the urge to return to their homes and begin the healing process was just too great.

Authorities have warned that flooding in some areas will not subside for up to two more weeks, causing a great deal of concern over the health hazards of contaminated flood waters lingering in the affected areas.  As sewage, underground chemical storage, petrol fuels, and industrial liquids all begin to mix in the murky muck of Harvey’s wake, citizens of Texas face long term threats to their well-being that span far beyond merely being swept away in flood waters.

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Last week another strange worry emerged, however, as one alligator theme park began sounding the alarm on their escaped attractions.

Now, a man returning to his Houston home has stumbled upon such a frightening critter lazily inhabiting his living room.

“A Texas homeowner returned to his flood-marred home Friday in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey to a shocking surprise: a 10-foot gator in his living room.

“Brian Foster made the discovery while assessing how badly the water had damaged his house near Lake Houston, north of Houston, he said.

“’I walked through the house and was looking at demo-ing the house, when I turned around and walked back through my dining room. I looked down, and there was a 10-foot alligator in my dining room,’ Foster told CNN affiliate KTRK.

“Foster and his demolition crew spent the next few hours trying to lasso the gator and drag it out of the house.

“Then, Wildernex Wildlife Control and local law enforcement officers showed up and started to wrestle with the reptile. They managed to get on top of it and tape its mouth shut before carting it away to an animal sanctuary.”

While there are a number of protocols in place for dealing with the type of flooding that Hurricane Harvey plagued Texas with, there are fewer established norms when it comes to dinosaur-like reptiles taking over your living room.


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