Hungary wants a Fence to Stop Migration

When talking about politicians and fences on a southern border, one would think that we were talking about the U.S. presidential election. Rather, we are going to talk about the migrant crisis in Europe.

According to Kronen Zeitung, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban took the opportunity yesterday, at the anniversary meeting of the Visegrad’ Group, to repeat his concerns about EU policy. In fact, Orban did not mince words.

He stated that the Migrants were, “a horde of evil.” He was not shy about who was to blame either. Orban pointed the finger squarely at German and Swedish policy.

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Breitbart reports

Mr. Orban said: “the German welcome policy has not only failed, but has created terrorism and stoked fear”

But The leader did not stop there.

The Budapest Business Journal reported

The prime ministers of the Visegrad Four countries – Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland – met with leaders of Bulgaria and Macedonia to discuss joint concerns, including plans to handle the flow of refugees in the region. Orbán reportedly told his counterparts at the meeting that fences should be built along the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders with Greece – effectively cutting that country out of the Schengen zone.
“If it were only up to us Central Europeans, that region would have been closed off long ago,” Orban said, according to a report in “Not for the first time in history we see that Europe is defenseless from the south; that is where we must ensure the safety of the continent.”

But the Visegrad’ has also suggested that this fence be a new demarcation to defend. In doing this, they effectively have given Greece up as lost. And though Macedonia is not an EU member, they acknowledge that they must be given assistance.

Breitbart continues

Releasing a joint statement, the four Visegrád leaders said the migrant crisis is “a threat to peace, security and the prosperity of EU citizens”, and called for all European nations to pull together and join them in securing the continent from illegal immigration, and to end the root causes of mass migration including the Syrian civil war. Closing Europe off from illegals with a series of fences is preferable to the re-emergence of borders within Europe, they said.

But it seems that these pleas are falling on deaf ears. Germany, Luxembourg, and Greece all criticized the plan.

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