Hungary says: Islam and Europe Cannot Coexist, and the EU is on the side of Terrorists

Whoa, buddy.

Over the last couple of years Hungary and Poland have led a bloc of Eastern European countries that, like President Trump, recognize the danger in unchecked Muslim migration into Europe. The V4 Nations as they’ve become known (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic) have all taken a hard stand against the European Union’s position of total refugee acceptance, and free movement throughout Europe. Instead, the V4 countries have built fences and walls (gasp) and spent millions to protect their borders and ensure the safety of their citizens. What have they gotten for it?

Well, while the rest of Europe suffers from a massive spike in crime (particularly sexual violence) and a dramatic increase in terrorism, the V4 nations have seen no corresponding rise in crime and they’ve suffered ZERO successful Muslim terrorist attacks. ZERO.

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In fact, the only pains they’ve faced have come from their fellow European nations. The V4 have been derided, browbeaten, and abused at the European Parliament and the EU has even threatened to charge them HUGE fines for their decision not to participate in the mass destruction of their continent.

Hungary’s leaders may be reaching their breaking point with their European allies. In a recent speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accused the EU of favoring terrorists. His comments came after his government received several complaints from the EU because they had arrested an asylum seeker who had been charged with suspicion of terrorism.

“Brussels is openly on the side of terrorists,” Orbán said.

Orbán also railed against the EU for threatening sanctions on the country for not taking redistributed migrants from countries like Greece and Italy.

According to Orbán, Hungarians would not be “blackmailed” by Brussels and said: “We want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe.”

“The European Union is not Brussels,” he added, and would not submit to the idea that “our future is determined in Moscow, Brussels or Washington”.

“As long as I am the Prime Minister of Hungary and stand here, so will the border fence on the southern border,” he said.

It wasn’t just Orbán railing against the EU this week,  Minister for Human Capacities Zoltán Balog also had a bone to pick with the EU. Balog called the European Union “helpless, bewildered and weak,” and argued that Islam and Europe “are incapable of coexisting without conflict.”

While liberals will no doubt decry Balog’s rhetoric, the simple truth is that the culture and philosophy of the West is at odds with the culture and philosophy that is at the core of Islam. Balog made a similar argument in defending his comments.

“Islam is a major culture and religion, but Europe has a different identity, and it is clear that these two cultures are incapable of coexisting without conflict. The greatest difference is that in Europe, politics and religion have been separated from one another, but in the case of Islam it is religion that determines politics.”

The EU is preparing to formally sanction Hungary and her allies for ignoring the commands from Brussels, we in the United States who understand the struggle must stand in solidarity with the V4 nations. President Trump should seek to establish a significant relationship with the V4 nations in an effort to help them stave off the pains of the EU sanctions. Sadly, because the V4 have chosen to be a part of the EU, they are not “allowed” to enter into unilateral (or multilateral) trade negotiations with our government. (Which is why the Brits are so keen to exit the EU.) So America, will have to find other more creative ways to support our allies in Eastern Europe as they fight to fend of radical Islam and the radical European liberals who are leading Europe to destruction.

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