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Hungary Continues Soros Bashing With Claims of Anti-Semitism

The idea of the one world government, the “New World Order”, the Illuminati, or the globalist regime has been around sincerely since the end of World War II, after the planet’s citizens got a fairly decent look at the way governments operate when no one’s looking.

War has a way of doing that to us; pushing our humanity into the ether and allowing our more basic, animalistic urges to bubble to the surface.  The horrors of The Holocaust were but a small part of the grand awakening that the planet received after WWII, as the global community’s response to the Nazi uprising and the Soviet threat belied a far more complex and sinister stranglehold on world affairs than previously imagined.

For those who subscribe to the asinine conspiracy theories about a “Zionist agenda”, the second World War was a doozy as well, solidifying the allegedly “untouchable” status of the Jewish people in the decades to come.

Of course, in order to become one of the most powerful men in the world, you would have to butt heads with this clandestine Jewish organization from time to time…if it actually existed.  Hungary, a notoriously conservative nation in the unfortunate situation of ascribing to the European Union, is utilizing this bizarre concern to their advantage in disparaging notorious globalist figurehead George Soros, claiming that his preference for open borders on the continent is nothing more than a plan to sow anti-semitism in Europe through the influx of Muslim migrants.

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Protecting Hungary from George Soros’s open borders agenda will preserve the nation as a safe haven for its Jewish community, Viktor Orbán has told the World Jewish Congress (WJC), highlighting the rise of anti-Semitism in Western Europe.

Responding to a letter from WJC chairman Ronald S. Lauder which criticised his government’s crackdown on foreign NGOs promoting mass migration, the Hungarian prime minister said the Open Society Foundations (OSF) organisation and its globalist, billionaire founder “bear responsibility for the increase in anti-Semitism in Europe”.

The work of Soros and his foundation in funding NGOs which have populated Europe with millions of third world migrants in recent years has resulted in the introduction of large numbers of people whose “political and religious views markedly increased the sense of insecurity in Jewish communities”, said the Hungarian leader, in comments reported by MTI on Friday.

While this is still certainly in the realm of the strange and bold, there is no doubt that the EU’s work in hastily bringing Syrian refugees into Europe has resulted in a number of dangerous incidents and terror attacks, as ISIS and other caliphate organizations have been able to disguise their operatives as refugees fleeing Bashar al-Assad and a Civil War.

As for the anti-semitism angle, Orbán has made a bold insinuation here but, given the scope of Soros’ greed, we’re not so sure that this is as far-fetched as it seems on the surface.

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