Hungarian Prime Minister Praises Trump on Terrorism

The Hungarian Prime Minister praises Trump precisely for being the opposite of Obama on the issue of terrorism.

While Barack Obama claims that world leaders are rattled by the Republican nominee, Bloomberg reports that the Hungarian prime minister praises Trump.

The anti-terrorism proposals of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump make him the better option for Europe and Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Saturday.

Orban, who has built razor-wire border fences to stop migrants, said in Romania that Trump’s ideas about the need for the best intelligence services and his opposition to “democracy export” were also applicable in Europe.

“I am not Donald Trump’s campaigner,” the Hungarian leader said at a cultural event in Baile Tusnad, Romania, an area with a large Hungarian population. “I never thought that the idea would ever occur to me that he is the better of the open options for Europe and Hungary.

“I listened to (Trump) and I have to tell you that he made three proposals to stop terrorism. And as a European, I myself could not have drawn up better what Europe needs.”

Orban also mentioned U.S. interference in Libya and Egypt as actions that destabilized those regions and made Europe less safe. Since these were actions devised and advocated by Hillary Clinton, Orban is basically siding with Trump against the Democrats and many Republicans.

Remember, our Ambassador to Hungry openly supports the political opposition and tells the Legislature they must allow more immigrants into the country.

This election isn’t just about the United States, even though Trump promises Americanism instead of Globalism. If Trump is our next President, he will be an example and encouragement to other governments to do what is in the best interests of their own nations rather than follow the dictates of political correctness or an international bureaucracy.

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