Hungarian Leader Praises President Trump says His Foreign Policy is “Good for the Whole World”

Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó effusively praised President Trump during a recent interview with Breitbart News, going so far as to argue that the new President’s foreign policy was “good for the whole world.”

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It’s high praise, and not unimportant, especially considering how poorly President Trump has been received by the international media and the liberal politicians they support. Moreover, Szijjártó makes it clear that he’s not just blowing smoke in an effort to ingratiate his nation with the new administration. He, and the current Hungarian government truly believe that what President Trump is doing on a world stage right now is best for everyone because a safe America is good for the world.

Szijjártó explained that much of what he sees the President doing is simply common sense, “For us it seems obvious that the security of the U.S. and the safety of the American people is the number one issue for the American president. What should he deal with if not the security of his country? Who should deal with the security of the U.S. if not the U.S president?” The Hungarians may be particularly sensitive to President Trump’s decisions because they’ve been one of the few European nations to embrace similar policies on illegal immigration and Muslim refugees and they’ve been hammered by other European nations for it. However, as the rest of Europe (Germany, Sweden, and France in particular) suffers under the crippling crime wave that has come with the massive wave of Muslim refugees, Hungary has remained relatively safe thanks to their government’s policies.

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Because of Hungary’s experience of being denigrated and attacked by their neighbors and the liberal media Szijjártó has great empathy for the opposition that President Trump continues to face. The foreign minister argued that the hypocritical media obviously treats Trump differently than they would have treated Hillary Clinton as President, “Whenever Donald Trump says something he is bashed immediately, but my feeling is that if Hillary Clinton had won this election and had said the same things that Donald Trump has been saying, there would be another type of expectation: that everyone would stand up and give her a standing ovation for such progressive ideas… But just because Donald Trump says these things he must be slammed immediately,” Szijjártó argued.

He also explained why it is that the Hungarian people feel such a kinship with the Trump administration, speaking of the current Hungarian government and President Trump he said, “what we represent in politics is a total denial of the international Left represents.” Further Szijjártó explained that both Trump and Hungary believe that our respective cultures are worth defending and protecting. “We say that national identity is important; we say nation is important; we say patriotism is not bad—on the contrary, it is good. We say religion is important; we say we are proud to be Christian and all these things are a denials of what they believe in or at least what they say,” he said. The Foreign Mininster also enunciated a problem that many conservatives often became frustrated by during the Obama era – the unwillingness of liberals to identify the real issues we faced. (Like Islamic extremism for example.) “Among the media and liberal political elites in Europe, it is virtually impossible to identify challenges for they are and if you cannot name your challenges properly you definitely will not be able to respond appropriately.”

While in America that unwillingness to speak plainly about the problems we were facing manifested itself in Obama’s unwillingness to speak out against Muslim terrorism, in Hungary’s case it took the shame of the fight over illegal immigration and the “refugee crisis.” “Take the case of immigration. We had to fight for months just to be able to speak of ‘migration.’ Because it was considered a ‘refugee crisis,’ despite the fact that it has nothing to do with a refugee crisis. It is a massive illegal influx of illegal migrants from other parts of the world into Europe. But we had to fight for months just to be able to say that and not be badgered for using an expression of the sort,” Szijjártó told Breitbart.

Nevertheless, Szijjártó and the Hungarian government are more hopeful now that the Trump administration is leading the way in Washington, D.C. The Hungarian politician argued that President Trump’s foreign policy “is much better for the whole world than the approach of the Democrats, because he has removed the exportation of democracy from the focus of U.S. foreign policy. In this way he has kept other regions from becoming destabilized. This foolish one-size-fits-all policy,” speaking of the foreign policy carried out by the Democrats and the Neocons, “created many threats and security issues all over the world by destabilizing governments that might not comply with American standards of democracy, but at least were stable enough to guarantee some security in the region.”

While it’s comforting to hear Hungary commiserating with us on the state of the media and the world but it would be more comforting if our more strategically important allies, like the UK and Germany, would see the light too.

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