Humanist Indoctrination Wins in New York Public Schools

The idea that the government should educate our children is a socialist one.

It takes our children and places them in a situation to be made into the image that the state determines.

The goals and wishes of the state, to make compliant, docile citizens is placed over and above the real goals of education.

This is almost irrefutable, and we are seeing that the administrators that oversee this brainwashing are being given more leeway to do their worst.

Christian News reports

An appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling siding with a New York school district that instructed a teacher to cleanse Christianity from her classroom under threat of termination.

The Buffalo News reports that the Second Circuit Court of Appeals this month rejected the arguments of high school biology and anatomy teacher Joelle Silver that the Cheektowaga Central School District violated her rights to free speech and the free exercise of religion.

This educator has been treated as if her Bible will contaminate her students if they are exposed to its content. This is evident even from the instruction she was given concerning her personal reading of the Bible on school grounds.

Christian News continues

“If you need to be able to occasionally glance at inspirational Bible verses between classes during the course of the day, I suggest that you keep such material in a discreet folder that only you will have access to,” he instructed. “You may keep such a folder in a drawer of your desk, so long as you take precautions not to share it or disclose its contents to your students or their parents or guardians.”

This seems more fitting for a pornographic magazine than for the Scriptures. But, they know what we as Christians have forgotten. The truth sets you free.

No Bible believing society has ever willingly gone into slavery because the Law of God forbids it.

Abandoning this is the reason we are losing our freedom.

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