Atheist Humanist Group Forces School to Stop “Before School” Bible Study Over Free Donuts

Hiring an attorney these days can, and usually can be a very expensive endeavor. Depending upon where one is located and the quality of attorney hired, fees can range from $200 an hour to well over $1,000 an hour and more. The exorbitant cost of hiring an attorney is enough to deter many people from taking legal action to protect their rights. It’s also enough to cause individuals, companies and school districts into caving into legal threats by atheists and humanists at the cost of their constitutional rights.

Many schools have sacrificed their rights and the rights of students for fear of having to pay high legal costs to defend their rights. Instead, they choose to surrender the rights of students.

I know a school district who fired a science teacher for legally answering a student’s question. A student asked him if evolution was a scientific fact and the teacher said, no it’s not a scientific fact but an unproven theory. One of the students went home and told his parents, who then complained to a local humanist organization who threatened to sue the school if they didn’t fire the teacher. Without investigating the facts or fighting for the rights of the teacher, the school fired him rather than face the legal expenses. He never mentioned creation, the Bible or God, but because he said evolution was not a fact, an upset parent and humanist organization cost a good man his job. I know this because my husband interviewed the teacher and even spoke to a student in class that backed up the teacher’s account of what happened. The teacher also opted not to fight the school district for his job because he didn’t have the money to hire an attorney. My husband recommended several Christian law organizations, but we never knew if he contacted them or not.

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Another school has buckled to the threats of legal action from a humanist group. Norm Ridder, Superintendent of the Joplin School District in Missouri, received a 9-page letter threatening legal action unless the school stopped a Bible study that met before school hours. The problem arose when the Bible study was offering free donuts.

Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association, commented about the lawsuit, saying:

“Enticing students to Bible studies with donuts is deceitful and inappropriate during school hours. Teachers should treat all of their students equally rather than giving out special treats to students who participate in Christian activities.”

So, how did the school district respond to the threat by the humanists?

“As a result, we have suspended the Bible study as it is currently organized. Community groups that wish to host activities such as this, or other types of events or activities, at our schools may do so by complying with our facilities use policy.”

Of course, that just delighted the humanists, knowing they shut down more Christian Bible study groups. They issued a news release saying in part:

“We are pleased that the program has stopped, but disappointed that the district, perhaps in an attempt to save face, has falsely described the program as lawful. In fact, the program was very much adult-led and clearly unconstitutional. Nevertheless, the important outcome is that the school will no longer be promoting Christianity and luring children to Christian meetings with promises of special treats.”

Local residents are up in arms over the school district’s decision to deny students of their constitutional rights because of the humanist threat.

Steve Rogers wrote:

“The greater violation committed here was the denial of ‘The free exercise thereof’ written 200 years prior. Therefore, the school policy is unconstitutional. Just another hate attack on religion.”

Tony Washington wrote:

“ … Let’s be honest here. The American Humanist Association is a blatantly anti-Christian organization much like the ACLU. I take issue with the biased opinion that donuts are a ‘bribe,’”

“That is their definition and the sole basis for bringing the threat of a lawsuit. It’s truly pitiful that this is the state of where we are as a society. I’m also saddened that Joplin School District didn’t do more to protect its students from these ridiculous threats.”

Humanists and atheists will not give up their illegal bullying until they completely trample and eliminate the rights of every Christian in America. The sad thing is that since the Bible study was meeting BEORE school hours and serving any kind of refreshment is not illegal, the humanists had no real legal grounds to complain or force the shutdown of the Bible studies.

If only more schools and Christians would know and understand their rights and have the integrity to stand up for those rights, we could stop humanists and atheists from stealing any more of our constitutional rights.

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