Human Trafficking Raid PROTESTED by ‘Abolish ICE’ Liberals

I’ve always loved the phrase “putting your foot in your mouth”.  It’s one of those rare terms that really encapsulates the feeling that you get from just such a situation.

When you say something that wrong, in exactly this way, it’s embarrassing.  It shows that you’re societal rank does not match your surroundings.  You just pegged yourself as a lowly intruder in whatever situation you’re in.  You want to simultaneously curl up in a ball and show the room that you know that you misspoke.

To put one’s foot in their mouth, literally, we reach toward the fetal position and then we would put a filthy part of our body where those offending words came from.  We want to show our host or guests that we know this is deserved.

The idea is, through enough of these situations, you get accustomed to heading them off at the pass.  You do a little more research.  You learn to sit back and listen as opposed to kicking in the conversation’s door with pistols drawn.  It’s a teachable moment, thank goodness.  Otherwise that embarrassment would be stifling.

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You would think that, after decades of near-constant contortion into this uncomfortable position, the liberal left would know better.

Spoiler alert:  They don’t.

A group of lawless liberal lunatics protested outside an Oakland, CA home as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) executed a search warrant for suspected child sex traffickers.

“There is a growing group of people who are upset about what they’ve been seeing,” said local CBS reporter Neda Iranpour. “There’s a sign saying ‘we love our neighbors.’ They also wrote on the ground with chalk saying [Oakland Police] is a disgrace, thinking that this was an immigration investigation because Homeland Security was out here.” –Big League Politics

Liberal activist Hadar Cohen, who claims she’s a neighbor of the illegal aliens involved in the sex trafficking ring claims that no person is illegal: “It’s been really tough because we don’t know what’s going on in there,” said protestor Hadar Cohen. “We know that there’s a lot of injustices that are happening and we care for our neighbors and we care for immigration rights. No person is illegal.”

This, folks, is why the argument that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” doesn’t work.  We need to seek out the evil in the world, not purely the opposition.

Surely, no humane person would ever condone the actions of such vile criminals, but the anger inherent in todays’ leftist politics tends to blind the foolish and skew their perception of reality.  That is how we end up in situations like this, where their unrighteous anger is hindering the work of the righteous.


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