Huge Solar Storms Could Wreak Havoc as they Reach Earth Today!

NASA and NOAA are keeping their eyes on the skies, as they worry about ongoing solar activity that could threaten our space-based infrastructure.

The storm was ignited by as massive solar flare that exploded into space some time last week, and initiating a series of storms that are just now reaching our orbit.

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The storm couldn’t come at a worse time for the planet, as the Equinoxes are generally the time of year when our magnetic shielding is at its weakest.

However, this also means that amateur stargazers in certain parts of the Northern Hemisphere will have a good chance of spotting some of this sun activity as they watch the sky.

While the storm comes at a bad time of year, the scientists at NASA and NOAA are happy to report that the storms are also relatively minor.

A note of caution though, even though the storms are expected to be “minor,” they could still have some major negative effects on our planet.

The damage caused by solar storms

Solar flares can damage satellites and have an enormous financial cost.

The charged particles can also threaten airlines by disturbing Earth’s magnetic field.

Very large flares can even create currents within electricity grids and knock out energy supplies.

When Coronal Mass Ejections strike Earth they cause geomagnetic storms and enhanced aurora.

They can disrupt radio waves, GPS coordinates and overload electrical systems.

A large influx of energy could flow into high voltage power grids and permanently damage transformers.

This could shut off businesses and homes around the world.

Source: NASA – Solar Storm and Space Weather

The most likely effects from the storm that folks in the USA might experience are minor power outages and satellite TV and Radio issues. 🇺🇸

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