Huge Distraction in South Korea Has International Athletes Scrambling

For better or for worse, the world is gathered in and around Pyeongchang, South Korea this month for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Strike one for the games this year has been their unfortunate proximity to North Korea – a nation whose desire to annihilate the United States, South Korea, and Japan with the use of thermonuclear weapons has been wholly written off for the month, lest it should interfere with the advertising spectacle of the games themselves.  Even the willingness of South Korea to accept the North’s plea for marching as a united Korea for the opening ceremonies was largely glossed over by those hoping to hold the entire debacle together under the scrutiny of the entire planet.

As if the swarm of North Korean locusts disguised as athletes weren’t enough of a sign, then came the plagues.

Norovirus swept through the Olympic village, sending up to 1,200 security and hospitality workers back home just days before the events were to kick off in earnest.  Now, in their place stand South Korean military personnel, plucking all of the charm out of the accommodations, and reminding the world that there’s a maniacal tyrant just 4 hour’s drive from the Olympic stadium.

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The latest unnerving reality of life in South Korea is finally beginning to affect the decorum within the international Olympic village in the form of nonstop, abrasive cellular telephone alerts that occur throughout the day.

“The official sound of the 2018 Winter Olympics is quickly becoming the screech of emergency alerts on people’s cellphones.

“Such notifications from local and regional governments are common throughout South Korea. They bear warnings about air pollution, extreme weather, earthquakes, fires and other possible danger. They are very helpful — if you know Korean, because the messages are written in it.

“But for most of the thousands of international athletes, journalists and spectators visiting for the Games, the alerts are a mystifying source of panic, confusion or plain annoyance.”

Just how bad are these alerts getting?

“There have been at least 14 emergency alerts sent to cellphones over the past week, and those around the Olympic Park here received eight separate, bleating alerts on Wednesday alone.

“After the fifth or sixth alert on Wednesday (it was easy to lose count), a couple of strangers waiting in line for food at the speedskating arena began trading tips on how to alter the settings on their iPhones to block the emergency notifications.”

Conspiracy theorists are already having a heyday with these winter games due to the aforementioned replacement of security workers with South Korea military members, and now, they will likely be pushing a narrative of alert saturation as a piece of pre-false flag conditioning.

Whatever the reality is, and after far too many stories on the sexual exploits of Olympic athletes soaking the media landscape, it could turn out that our Olympic hopefuls’ biggest distraction this year will still be in their pants – just in the form of their iPhones.

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