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Huffington Post Publishes Most Distasteful Sentence EVER Regarding Trump Supporters

The absurdity of the liberal mainstream media has reached a zenith that many, present company included, never believed could be reached.

While the free press is facing an enormous uphill battle against the leftist trend-influencers of Facebook and Google, the liberal media has been allowed to run amok on television, the web, and in print.  Absolute filth is being written, published, and distributed every day in which these so-called journalists are touting some new way to delegitimize the President of the United States.

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One of the latest attacks on the President came as ANTIFA protestors clashed with Trump supporters in California last week.  While the brunt of the physical damage was taken by the leftist agitators, their goal had been achieved:  Wage a propaganda war that equates Donald Trump with violence and chaos.  No matter who started what fight, or who won the actual battle, headlines reading “Trump Something Something Something” will be superimposed over striking images of anarchy in a subliminal attack on your psyche.

Now, in an effort to up the ante and maintain some semblance of relativity, ultraliberal outlet The Huffington Post reveled in the idea that supporters of the U.S. President “deserve to die”.

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“In a now deleted Huffington Post article, Chris Cali said that Trump supporters deserve to die ‘more than he does.’ He premised this article off President Donald Trump’s decision to drop a ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on Islamic State terrorists in Afghanistan and how the world might be on the verge of a major war with North Korea. Cali contemplated whether his parka will ‘be enough for this nuclear winter, or should I buy a new pair of long johns.’ He argued that if nuclear war comes to the United States, it will not come toward middle America or ‘Trump country,’ but rather the major liberal metropolises of New York and Los Angeles.

“Thus, Cali argues that the ones who ‘deserve to get nuked’ are the ones who voted for President Trump, whom he says is responsible for putting the United States on the ‘verge’ of nuclear war. He ends his article as follows:

“‘[Trump voters] are the people who should be filling the front lines of whatever war Trump wants to start so he and his billionaire buddies can profit off weapons manufacturing and oil contracts. These are the people who deserve to have their towns annihilated. These people are who actually deserve to die in a war that they’ll line up to support. Not my ass. I have a lot to live for. They’ve already decided that they don’t.'”

Had there been any journalistic integrity remaining at The Huffington Post before Cali’s article hit the web, there certainly appears to be none left now.

When will the “tolerant” left finally admit that their echo chambers of Trump-bashing globalists are responsible for the unacceptable and immoral behavior that has been displayed in the direction of our President?  The ease at which liberal Americans are considering impeachment, assassination, or revolution is in astoundingly poor taste, especially given the United States’ precarious current position on the global stage.


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