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Huffington Post in Crosshairs as Harassment Allegations Fly in Newsroom

Around the country, an enormous amount of previously unacknowledged sexual harassment is coming into the spotlight, and liberals seem to be at the center of it all.

Beginning with liberal kingmaker Harvey Weinstein, a wealthy movie producer with a list of 60-plus accusers, democrats in Hollywood and beyond have been the subject of incredibly damning reports of sexual misconduct in professional environments.  Hollywood took the first round of fire, but now politics and the media are joining in.

Vice News was recently accused of harboring an intense and disturbing corporate atmosphere for women to work in, (despite the constant hippy-dippy pot propaganda being portrayed on their Viceland television channel), and have been forced to issue a bland statement that was likely concocted by one of the network’s lawyers.

Now the Huffington Post is finding itself in hot water as a number of accusations have surfaced regarding the liberal news organization regarding the institutional denial and ignorance of several incidents of inappropriate sexual behavior were brought to the attention of the outlet’s bigwigs.

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“In a long exposé, Arianna Huffington is accused of turning a blind eye to years of sexual misconduct by highly placed editors right under her nose when she was running her famed Huffington Post blog.

“While remarking that Huffington was applauded as the stake-holding ‘feminist’ who would ‘clean up Uber’ after accusations of sexual misconduct were made at the ride-sharing giant, Gizmodo columnist Melanie Ehrenkranz noted that Huffington did little to address the same problems at her own big company.

“According to Ehrenkranz, ‘being a powerful woman with a stake in a company, and its profits, doesn’t mean Huffington was actually the best choice to champion women struggling to make their voices heard.’

“’Huffington’s well-documented history of fostering a toxic work culture, and failing to address inappropriate behavior [at Huffington Post] … calls into question the sincerity behind her pledge to help bring positive change to Uber’s culture,’ Ehrenkranz proclaimed.”

This systemic and disingenuous approach to these accusations has been running rampant on the left side of American culture for the duration of the 2017 scandal.

Hollywood has largely scoffed at their own intense series of revelations, holding an Emmy Awards event in recent days where not a single mention of the accused or the victims was made.  Furthermore, much like in the Huffington Post situation, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey’s lewd, (and illegal), behavior was an open secret to which many A-listers responded with little or no surprise to.

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