The Huckabee Doctrine: 3 Key Principles Current Candidates Need to Understand

The government of the United States was designed and instituted with the expressed purpose of protecting the rights and liberties given by God. Now we are engaged in a great civil war testing whether that government, under God, will experience a new birth of freedom – or whether it will perish from the earth.

America is engaged in a proverbial civil war, a war of ideas, that threatens the foundations of liberty in our nation.

Even the war of ideas among conservatives, over how to bring about a new birth of freedom, is not so unified. Even after certain presidential candidates have moved on, the sifting process may have uncovered some absolute golden truths.

Such is the case with former Governor Mike Huckabee.  He may be out of the presidential race now, but he stood alone and above the others on at least three key issues that are true “game- changers.”

Mike dug three “gold nugget” issues out of the political debris and held them up for all to see. These nuggets are now shining on the political landscape free for the taking – if anyone has has the wisdom to receive them. These ideas are exactly the bold kind of action that, instead of just slowing our sinking, would actually lift out nation out of the quagmire and set it on solid ground. I call them “The Huckabee Doctrines.”

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1. Constitutional protection for the unborn.
Abortion could virtually end with the stroke of the President’s pen. All that is needed is the backbone to sign an executive order declaring personhood for the unborn and protected under the 5th and 14th Amendments.

Unlike many of Obama’s executive orders, this would be constitutional. It also would be based on scientific evidence that clearly shows the unborn are persons. Yes, there would be a lawsuit to overturn it, but then the abortionists would have to fight for the right to kill a baby instead of pro-life people fighting for the right to save a baby.

2.  Resistance to Judicial Tyranny.
Instead of interpreting the constitution and offering opinions, as the courts are solely charged, the courts have been unconstitutionally making law and judgments based on precedent, not the law. A precedent-based philosophy of judgment is simply another way of saying, “If it has been done before, it must be right.” Such thinking is based in the man-centered religion of humanism, not the Judeo-Christian ethics of the Founders.

Regarding making law, an example is the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Besides the fact that there is no constitutional basis for that ruling, it is an opinion. The judicial branch has no power to enforce it.

Enforcement is the job of the executive branch, and it is not compelled to do so if the opinion is not founded in law.

A similar example is Lincoln’s refusal to honor the Dred Scott decision which ruled that blacks could not be citizens. Today, a conservative president is desperately needed with a backbone to overrule the Supreme Court’s illegal rulings when needed.

3.  The Fair Tax
Though the Fair Tax plan was a central issue in Huckabee’s campaign, it wasn’t his idea. It wasn’t dreamed up at the last minute by a candidate trying to put together a political campaign. It was developed by a team of top economists after an extended period of extensive study. The Fair Tax plan must not be confused with a flat tax plan. No mater how flat or how simple, a flat tax is still an income tax, requires an “IRS” type organization to collect it, and it puts the government in charge.

The Fair Tax puts “we the people” in charge of the economy and gets the government’s sticky fingers off our money. The Fair Tax abolishes the IRS, rewards productivity, benefits the poor, discourages illegal immigration, forces tax dodgers to pay their fair share of tax, and brings jobs back to America again.

If Americans are fortunate enough to elect a Republican president this year, he had better be one that is willing to turn the ship around, not just slow it down. If we don’t get it right this time, I doubt we will get another chance. With 84 percent of Democrats under age 30 voting for Sanders in the Iowa Caucus, an open socialist, our future has some serious challenges. The next president must not only understand the principles of freedom, but must also be one who will use the bully pulpit to educate the people on those principles.

I am sure Mike Huckabee will continue to advance these ideas. But again, for the remaining candidates, he has left some hefty gold nuggets laying on the political landscape. Will anyone be smart enough to pick them up?

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