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Houston’s Democratic Mayor Told Citizens to IGNORE Hurricane Warnings!?

The images and stories emerging out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey have been absolutely devastating.

The hurricane, which made landfall late on Friday night as an intense category 4 storm, has now stalled out over the heart of Texas, with the major metropolis of Houston taking a brunt of the precipitation as the storm’s remnants churned overhead.

News crews and social media users have been sharing heartbreaking images of residents sleeping on kitchen counters to avoid flood waters, and senior citizens trapped in nursing home common areas with murky and possibly toxic flooding up to their chests.

Houston, an enormous city a great many miles from the coast, should have had every warning possible for the oncoming storm, yet an unacceptable amount of citizens remained within the path of the storm for one reason and one reason alone:  Their democratic mayor took to Twitter days ago to tell them to ignore the warnings being issued by the national weather media.

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“Houston and Harris county’s four commissioners were briefed on Thursday morning, August 24 after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers warned officials that Hurricane Harvey, which at that point had not made landfall, was shaping up to impact the region even worse than Hurricane Allison in 2001. That storm killed 22 in Houston, left 30,000 residents stranded, and damaged over $5 billion of property.

“The officials were given ample time to evacuate the city, federal officials and correspondences examined by True Pundit confirmed.

“Despite this information, provided two days before the hurricane, officials did not call for a mandatory evacuation of the area and Houston. In fact, the Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner defiantly told residents to ignore weather warnings and to ‘think twice’ before evacuating the city, often referring to the threatening hurricane as a ‘rain event’ and implying residents were not in any real danger until the city issued an evacuation mandate.”

This absolutely unacceptable response to the threat of Hurricane Harvey is possibly due to Mayor Turner’s intense hatred for President Trump and the republicans.

Turner’s hands are now covered in the blood of his own city’s residents, all in the name of taking an utterly irresponsible jab at the President of the United States via Twitter.  While it is quite certain that his legacy is now completely destroyed, many believe that Mayor Turner should and could be help legally culpable for his incredibly dimwitted advice.


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