House Overturns Obama Regulation that Protects Planned Parenthood

It is understood that a regulation change by Health and Human Services was designed to protect Planned Parenthood. The amendment to Title X prohibited states from distributing family planning funds to whom they saw fit.

As I have covered, several states had attempted to defund the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood. These states explicitly stated that their reason for redirecting the funds was because of their desire not to support companies or organizations that also provide abortions.

Now, the federal government will be placing that power back into the hands of those states.

Christian News reports

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to overturn a rule issued by the Obama administration that bans states from defunding the abortion and contraception giant Planned Parenthood.

Congress used its authority under the Congressional Review Act, which allows the legislative branch to overturn orders issued within the past 60 days. It agreed 228-188, under House Joint Resolution 43, to return power to the states to distribute Title X funding as they see fit.

“This resolution does not cut a dime from family planning funding available to states. It just enables states to direct the funding towards non-abortion, whole-women health care providers,” explained Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo.

Now, this is great news, at least for the short term. It is great news because this will mean that each state will determine what level of support Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will receive from the federal government in their states. Currently, there is a push in many states to ban abortion. This will mean that for many states, the cost of killing your baby will go up exponentially.

There will be places in these states where abortion will not be available. Women will have to travel long distances and pay higher fees to kill their child. But this is not all good news.

There will remain the threat that this too will be overturned in time. Another administration can just as quickly reinstate such regulation which is now being thrown down. So, what is the answer?

We need to see all federal funds for contraception end. It would be easier for the states to be given tax relief in place of federal funding. In turn, this would give each state the right to fund or not fund any contraception service organization.

Then, push the abortion question back to the states. Make each state and their local representation determine each state’s stance on abortion. This will once again place the power in the people’s hands.

You don’t like your state’s stance on abortion? Vote and then vote with your feet. Eventually, you will have to decide whether God will bless or curse your state according to their love or hate for murder.

This is the only fix that can last.

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