House Intel Committee Drops BOMBSHELL On Russian Collusion Case

Somehow, the liberal left is continuing to convince the nation that Donald Trump, elected President of these United States, is some sort of Russian double agent installed in the White House by Vladimir Putin.

No, this isn’t hyperbole or any sort of grand exaggeration meant to discredit Robert Mueller and the democrat’s anti-Trump collusion case; it’s actually perfectly true.

And this is only a small smattering of the sleaze the can be found via Twitter.

Now, however, as Robert Mueller continues to drag his feet in his Special Counsel investigation, the House Intel Committee has finished their own probe of the matter, completely exonerating the President of any collusion with the former Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin, or The Kremlin.

The House Intelligence Committee on Friday declared that it found “collusion between the Russian government and Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, releasing a heavily redacted final report on its yearlong Russia investigation.

The Republican-authored report — released over Democratic objections — stated the committee “found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded, coordinated, or conspired with the Russian government.” The committee did, however, “find poor judgment and ill-considered actions by the Trump and Clinton campaign.”

President Trump, reacting to the report moments after its release, hailed its findings and said the Russia “Witch Hunt” must end, in an apparent swipe at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation.

Of course, the liberal left has been all over the announcement, claiming that the house republicans in charge of the year-long investigation are simply covering for the President.
This is absurd on a number of levels, not the the least of which has to do with the Deep State and RINO republicans’ subversive behavior meant to disparage and delegitimize Donald Trump.  We mustn’t forget that even the republicans aren’t all that thrilled with Trump’s “drain the swamp” ethos, and this would have been an excellent opportunity for the Washington establishment to take a stand against our Citizen President.
They didn’t have the goods, apparently, and those who believe that this version of the investigation is overly friendly to the President should really take a look at the last two years of republican rhetoric before opening their mouths or taking to Twitter.
And, in case the left has forgotten, this is actually the second investigation to find “no collusion”.  

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