Horror in Massachusetts: Driver Plows Car Into Crowd, Killing Auto Auction Attendees

An ongoing investigation is underway in Massachusetts after a vehicular attack at an automobile auction claimed multiple lives early Wednesday morning.

Auction goers were subjected to a horrific ordeal this afternoon as a Jeep plowed into a crowd at an automobile auction in Billerica, Massachusetts, 25 miles northwest of Boston.  Witnesses described a chaotic scene in which the vehicle sped up as it weaved around other cars and trucks, seemingly targeting pedestrians who were on site.

Terrorism was the first thing on many minds after reports of the incident were made public, however, authorities were quick to insist that no such theory has been validated.

“’At this point, there is no evidence or information to suggest the incident was caused by an intentional or terrorist act,’ stated the Massachusetts State Police just hours after what they are calling an ‘accident.’

“Witnesses told reporters that the Jeep, which may have been driven by an elderly man, was seen speeding up as it raced through the crowded auction. ‘It hit the wall all the way to the end. It’s a concrete wall. So many people are hurt, I have no idea,’ said one witness.

“According to employee Woody Tuttle, ‘(The driver) avoided the cars and went on to hit the people who were standing between the cars.’

“Footage from TV helicopters shows a vehicle covered in debris appearing to have crashed through an exterior wall from inside the building. It’s surrounded by ambulance and first responders who are taking people out of the area on gurneys.”

The full extent of the casualties is not currently available, however, many witnesses on the scene claimed that multiple fatalities have occurred.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of those affected by this horrible tragedy.


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