Horrifying Video of the Day: 80-Year Old Muslim Man Marries 12-Year Old Girl

This video comes to us from Twitter with a tag saying that it shows “an 80-year-old Muslim” marrying “his 12-year-old bride during an arranged “marriage.” The original poster than reminds viewers that most Muslim countries in the world have banned Valentine’s Day, while continuing to allow the barbaric practice of legalized pedophilia.

Admittedly, we don’t know enough about the culture to be sure that this is indeed a marriage… but I honestly cannot fathom what else this ritual might depict.

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Watch and see for yourself.


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I’ve watched the video a few times over and it’s clear that the central characters are the old man and the little girl… and that their seats on the bed are important as well.

The old man is cheered as he enters the room and then it seems that he is told to take a seat next to the young, obviously nervous girl.

I’ve tried to imagine any other reason for this video, for the commotion, or for the imagery, and I just can’t think of any other possibility.

The video reminds us that scenes like this (if it is the marrying off of a child bride) happen often in the Muslim world. Young girls are often given to older men – from their mid 20’s on up – and are expected to perform “wifely duties” because they are indeed wives, even as children. Islam sees nothing wrong with this; in fact the mass of Islam sees nothing wrong with pedophilia, slavery, rape, and other heinous and immoral activities. This is not some Islamophobic rant either — this is what the surveys of the Islamic world tell us.


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