North Korea

Horrific Health of Defector Signals Humanitarian Crisis in North Korea

While much of the world is aware of the dangers of North Korea, in a very literal, skyward sense, there are many other reasons to be concerned for the effects of the rogue regime.

We often find ourselves worrying about North Korea’s ability to launch a missile skyward, into a locale where unsuspecting global citizens could find themselves in harm’s way.  Now, given the recent advancements in North Korean technology in which experts believe the hermit kingdom may possess a hydrogen bomb, these fears are exponentially more sobering that ever before.  Should Kim Jong Un or his military decide to send such a device into the atmosphere for detonation, an enormous portion of the globe would likely lose all power and communications, killing millions.

Worse yet, the maniacal dictator has several batteries of artillery trued and honed on Seoul, South Korea at all times.  Should he find himself provoked beyond repute, there is no way of knowing if he would order these massive guns to be unloaded on the citizens just 40-some miles to the south.

When you peel back the military and diplomatic issues with North Korea, however, you are left with an incredibly somber and disheartening reality:  Millions upon millions of human beings are under the leadership of this madman and his dynastic regime.  The quality of life in North Korea is so poor that neighboring nations have been forced to refuse refugees from within.  Furthermore, the widespread poverty, famine, and disease that dominates society is beyond inhumane.

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One defector from the tyrannical hellscape was so ill that it astonished doctors who examined him.

“Doctors discovered an ‘enormous number’ of parasitic worms slithering inside the body of a man who defected from North Korea this week, the ghastly find illustrating the food and hygiene problems rampant inside the guarded walls of the Hermit Kingdom.

“The North Korean defector, who hasn’t been identified, was a soldier who made a desperate dash for freedom Monday at the Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea. But the man was shot at least five times by his former comrades as he made his escape.”

“Doctors believed the soldier could have had the parasites for a while.”

One doctor described the find as something that he had only seen before in a textbook.

The declining health of the entire North Korean population is just one of several humanitarian issues that demand international attention.  The regime’s continued use of forced labor and concentration camps has long been considered reason enough to intervene against Kim.


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