A Hopeful Post-Mortem Assessment of the Liberal Mentality

Regarding the naysayers of Dr. Ben Carson as HUD Secretary (and naysayers in general) – hopefully that continual and random complaining mentality will gradually fade away with Trump’s positive successes and the successes of his cabinet and judges.

There is a sick, negative mentality and emotional state of some people that has heavily influenced this country for a long time. And it unfortunately is rooted in their personal psychology that has nothing to do with politics. But it has been severely polluting the political landscape.

But now real positive progress will expose and eliminate it.

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From the Christian perspective, it’s really simple; they are living and promoting being out of harmony with the design of human nature and justifying it with a positive term like “political correctness.” You can’t go against the pre-designs in nature and not expect nature to fight back. And that’s why they are unhappy. But from a psychology perspective, they already were unhappy (for whatever reason). For example, the anthem of the feminist movement was “I Am Woman”. But the lyrics say, “Oh yes I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain.” That shows that the underlying pain is what spurred the feminist movement. On the other hand, if they are looking for happiness, here is a line from another song that shows the path. “Wonderful is what you’ll feel in you, when you do the things you’re made to do.”   This goes back to my assertion that being in harmony with the natural design is what brings happiness.

So they choose to infect the society with their unhappiness in hopes of getting the feeling that the happiness is resolved. They’ve been reaching for freedoms in all the wrong places … grounding the fact that they don’t feel free. Kind of like letting a guitar go out of tune and expecting the music to be good and then railing when it’s not.

I describe this misplaced “addiction to freedom” and how it came to a place of dominance in the culture at www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com.

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