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In the Home Stretch, Trump Surges While Team Clinton Collapses

Polls are showing that Donald Trump is the candidate with the “big mo,” the sort of momentum that just might drag him across the finish line to become the next president of the United States of America. But it isn’t completely because Trump is making all the right moves to turn the heads of undecided voters. The fact is, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been a disaster for the last few weeks and her missteps have really hurt her just as we get into the final leg of this campaign season.

First let’s look at the polls. Trump has been surging all across the country, even in the important battleground states while Clinton has been at best stagnant and at worst slipping, sometimes badly.

Most alarming for Hillary and her Old Media lapdogs is that Trump is suddenly leading in some of the battleground states — those states that figure heavily in the Electoral College votes that actually give us our president. Take Ohio, for example. Hillary has enjoyed a lead in the Buckeye State for most of this election but starting at the end of August Trump began closing the gap until he is now leading, Fox reports.

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Trump is also leading in Florida and the L.A. Times even reports that Trump has taken a six-point lead nationally.

The GOP nominee has roared back to prominence so much so that liberal Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza was forced to write a piece at his The Fix blog saying, “Don’t look now: Donald Trump has all the momentum in the 2016 race.”

This is from the same columnist who only days before she was seen collapsing on Sept. 11 wrote that we should all stop talking about Hillary’s health because it is nothing but a silly distraction. So, this guy is no Trump supporter, for sure.

Granted this could all evaporate in a flash. Trump could easily make a major faux pas and lose all his momentum.

We have seen it before, after all.

Elections have been both won and lost over a single incident. Democrat Gary Hart, a married man, was thrown out of the running in 1988 when the nation learned of his “Monkey Business” with Donna Rice. Many say Reagan won his election in 1984 when he said he wouldn’t hold Walter Mondale’s “youth and inexperience” against him after Mondale tried to hint that Reagan was too old to be re-elected as president. Democrat John Edwards lost it all after his sex kitten was exposed by the National Enquirer, no less. And Nixon lost, they say, because he seemed like a sweaty mess on TV when John F. Kennedy seemed calm, cool, collected and quite presidential during a 1960 debate. American electoral politics are chock full of such examples. From the race for the White House all the way down to the least local election candidates been affected by one disastrous or fortunate incident after another. So, yeah, Trump could lose it all with one bad day.

But right now it is Hillary Clinton who is best by the “bad day.” In fact, she is finding a whole lot of bad days, a bad day that has lasted two weeks thus far.

It all started when Hillary was finally caught calling half the country “a basket of deplorables.”

Hillary’s comment made national news when she delivered the insult on September 9 during a campaign event with a gay group in New York City.

Hillary essentially called Trump’s supporters “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic.” That’s right Hillary basically called half the country evil monsters.

Her comment was immediately understood as being a very bad move and even she realized how bad it was as once the media picked up on it she realized she had better get out ahead of it and apologize. And so the very next day she delivered a sort of apology for dissing half the country.

Hillary was likely taken by surprise by the whole controversy because she had delivered the insult before and the media ignored it the first time.

Of course, the “deplorables” comment was like a grass fire among Trump’s supporters. The flames were so hot the media couldn’t ignore the thing.

But this was the sort of mistake the media could easily paper over and they had already started doing so. Take taxpayer-funded NPR, for instance. Even as late as this week NPR was desperately trying to excuse Hillary’s comment by calling it “honest” and thereby making Hillary a hero for being straightforward.

But NPR isn’t alone, CNN came to Hillary’s defense saying Hillary’s comment wasn’t really all that bad and on CBS one commentator said Hillary’s “deplorables” comment was excusable because it is “correct and accurate” to call all Republicans racists.

Add the media’s effort at exonerating her to team Hillary’s effort to get past the comment as her staffers began urging surrogates to blame the media for taking it all out of context… and you just know the media was happy to oblige.

Even as many media outlets were indulging similar lines of attack against Trump in order to defuse Hillary’s “deplorables” line, something else happened that piled more troubles on Hillary’s plate. On September 11 something happened that surpassed hers verbal gaffe when she collapsed in a heap as the Secret Service was trying to extract her early during New York’s 9/11 memorial event.

As the nation was mourning the victims of the monstrous terror attack that occurred on September 11, 2001, video was made of Hillary Clinton and her Secret Service security team trying to sneak her out of the memorial event early over what was initially being reported as a “medical incident.”

But what the non-media videographer caught may have been one of the final blows to Hillary’s last chance to become president of the United States for as the Secret Service SUV arrived to sweep her away, she was seen utterly collapsing in some sort of seizure. Her legs buckled, her head lolled to one side and her Secret Service team ended up throwing her into the waiting vehicle like a “side of beef.”

This visual was bad enough, but then came a long string of lies about her health that were only added to the week of lies her campaign had already disseminated before her dramatic collapse was seen on video across the nation.

First it was said she was fine, then it was that she just had a cold, until it became “allergies,” then they tried to say she was just “overheated,” some insisted she just “tripped” trying to get into the SUV, next they claimed she was only “dehydrated” from the hot day at the ceremony, and finally they claimed it was a slight case of pneumonia, but nothing to worry about.

Almost immediately, many in the medical field began to insist that it was plain Hillary has some major medical problems and the dismissive claims made by her staffers that she is perfectly fine were and are not being believed by anyone. Calls for her to release her full medical report grew hour by hour.

So, two days later Hillary announced she would be releasing her full health record and the resulting report by Dr. Lisa Bardack claimed Hillary is “healthy and fit to serve” despite having “a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

Then came other doctors to insist there is no such thing as “a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

One who shined a light on the fake diagnosis was Doctor Milton Wolf who took to Twitter to expose what he is calling a lie.

“Think about it,” Dr. Wolf said in a followup Tweet. ” If there’s really such thing as ‘non-contagious bacterial pneumonia,’ how did Hillary catch it?”

Other medical experts noted that Hillary’s so-called medical report is “full of holes.” And one doctor even noted that Hillary’s press release said she took a medical test that doesn’t even exist.

Sadly for team Hillary, it doesn’t look like the approved talking point is working to throw voters off the feeling that she is at death’s door and shouldn’t be running for president. Though, give the media kudos for trying by dismissing her collapse as a positive act of “powering through” her illness, like she is a hero or something.

(Now tell me the media isn’t complicit with the Clinton campaign after seeing that!)

And all this was heaped on top of Hillary’s email scandal that refuses to die, a subject we’ve written about here extensively.

Not only is Congress still holding hearings about Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server in contravention to our national secrecy laws, but despite the F.B.I.’s notorious refusal to recommend she be indicted for her crimes, more documents are emerging every week further proving her guilt.

It has led to an electorate that is positive that Hillary cannot be trusted. Even New York Magazine recently noted that the American people have never disliked Hillary more than they do today. As a result, some polls are showing young people leaving Hillary in droves and this is a very bad sign for team Hillary because it means a higher number of young people are either going for Trump or more likely will vote third party or even stay home entirely. The youth vote is a segment Hillary can’t afford to lose.

Even her normally lapdog media are finding it hard to excuse her every mistake these days. Air personalities on the usually blindly partisan CNN were even seen laughing at Clinton recently when it was suggested that Hillary is “the most transparent candidate ever.”

Ultimately, all these troubles piled on top of her worrisome health has caused rumors to fly that Democrat big wigs are getting so weak in the spine over Hillary’s troubles that they are meeting in secret to choose her replacement.

It is taken as a given that Hillary still has time to turn this all around — and could be helped by a Trump gaffe that the media will turn into an execution event — but as it stands now, Hillary Clinton is drowning and if the campaigns continue in this mode it shouldn’t surprise anyone if we end up welcoming a president Donald Trump to the pantheon of national leaders in November.

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