Should You Home school Your Children?

My wife and I had very different early education. She went to a Baptist Preschool and then to Public School from 1st-12th grades. I mostly went to private Christian Schools including a Mennonite one. We both have very different points of view on what education consists of, but we do agree that home is an integral part of raising successful children.

There are many reasons why public schools are scrutinized these days. While there are well meaning Christian people teaching, they are increasingly in the minority, and, in many cases, being attacked for their beliefs and silenced about their faith in the public school system. As little as 30 years ago that was not the case. What changed? The squeaky wheel got the grease. Madelyn Murray O’Hair, Margaret Sanger worshipers, and the Liberal Klan, spewed their opinions and got Congress and the Courts to support them in direct opposition to the ideals that this country was founded on and what MOST people believed. As a result, children have had a disconnect to basic morals as they are indoctrinated by several methods.

Horace Mann would be appalled at what has become of Public Education, especially since most of the students there would have no clue who he was.

The biggest debates about education have NOTHING I repeat NOTHING to do with the betterment of children. Salaries, testing and whether or not to wear uniforms are all superficial and detract from the real issues of why schools and subsequently society is corroding.

James Dobson is doing a series right now on Homeschooling and if you have even considered it or you are uncomfortable with what your children are and are not learning you should definitely listen to his recent broadcast on the subject

I am blessed to have married a very smart, old fashioned girl who can easily educate our children at home for their most formative years. I understand that some people are not lucky enough to have that. Also, I have secretly cringed when I see some people who are posting about homeschooling and cannot even use to,too and two properly. However, I have decided that this country being run by people with a moral compass is more important. The children in Kindergarten right now will be in charge when I am in the nursing home and I hope that they know the basic principles taught in the Bible and I am certain that Public School is NOT going to teach them that.

For us, it is worth the sacrifice of not having two cars, multiple smart phones and the biggest house on the block in order to keep our children from the indoctrination camps known as public school. I heard a great quote recently: “If you give your children to Caesar do not be surprised if they come back as Romans”.

Our decision to home school is a recent one. Emma was in Baptist Pre-K and then a Special Education Classroom with some wonderful Christian women. We moved about a year ago and even though she still has good teachers, we are starting to see the early signs that she is picking up some not-so-great things at school. We are going to pull a Barney Fife and NIP IT in the bud.

It is my hope that until there is sweeping reform in schools that more people will consider homeschooling as an option. It is not an easy choice and certainly has challenges. Sacrifices will be made, BUT for us and our children, it is worth it. Also, if more children are home schooled maybe the government will catch the hint and realize that changes are not only necessary but demanded.

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