Home Intruder Stabs Man… This is How His 80-Year-Old Wife Responded [VIDEO]

After a home intruder had attacked a homeowner with a knife and crowbar, his wife – an 80-year-old grandma – responded with gunfire, leaving the intruder dead at the scene.

Thursday night, 80-year-old Barb Moles was home with her husband John – a Boeing retiree – and their son when Barb heard a commotion. Barb went to investigate and found her husband bleeding on the kitchen floor. He told her he’d been stabbed. He had also been beaten with a crowbar by the home intruder.

Barb walked down the hallway to her bedroom to retrieve her .38 caliber pistol – a Christmas gift from her son a few years before. She waited behind the bedroom door for the home intruder to walk by so she could shoot him, but he didn’t come.

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She then walked into the hallway where she saw him. She fired four shots, three of which hit the home intruder. He was killed at the scene. Police identified him as 25-year-old Steven Sheppard. Authorities believe he may have been after their prescription drugs. Barb mentioned that there were vitamins scattered all over the floor.

Barb’s husband John was airlifted to the hospital where doctors feared he might have suffered a concussion. He is however expected to recover. In the meantime, a GoFundMe page has been set up for the Moles to help with their medical expenses. They’ve raised just over $5,000 so far, a third of their goal. The Moles’ daughter indicated that part of the money they raise will go to pay for a better security system.

While a better security system might help, nothing really beats a firearm for protection when seconds count. Barb told KOMO:

“I felt like if I hadn’t, my son and I might both be dead and my husband might have bled to death on the kitchen floor,” Moles says. “You know, never in my whole life did I ever anticipate having to take another life — especially at age 80.”


“You know how mothers are with their kids. That’s the way I am with my husband,” she said. “I just protect his back. I’m not just the typical granny – in case you haven’t noticed.”

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