Home Depot Founder Praises Trump says the Business World is “Brimming with Optimism”

Bernie Marcus, the brilliant man who co-founded Home Depot and is now known as one of the most prominent philanthropists in America, is once again praising Donald Trump, and for very good reason.

Marcus, who supported President Trump’s campaign against Hillary Clinton, argued during the presidential campaign that Donald Trump had the right ideas, and experiences to lead our nation back to economic prosperity. Now, about 100 days into his presidency, Marcus is back to explain why it seems that our economy is doing so well right now. The economy seems to be doing well because… IT IS doing well. While Marcus doesn’t believe that one man can singlehandedly right a nation’s economic ship, he does believe that much of the growth and optimism for growth that we are seeing right now is directly linked to the policies and rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

In a recent op-ed for Real Clear Politics (RCP), Marcus writes that America’s business community is “brimming with optimism” primarily because of the economic agenda that has the Trump administration has laid out for the nation.

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The business community is brimming with optimism across America – the highest level in ten years. I know it, because I hear it from my colleagues every day. We’re hopeful, and for good reason: President Donald Trump is moving his job creation agenda forward resolutely…

While the President’s critics wring their hands, we see remarkable success getting the short shrift.

Maybe because so few politicians have ever signed the front of a paycheck, they don’t see what CEO’s see.

We look past the remarkable 12 percent growth in the stock market, a rising tide lifting pensioners and middle class Americans alike, and see the Consumer Confidence Index, which just hit its highest mark since December of 2000. “Consumers’ assessment of current business and labor market conditions improved considerably,” Lynn Franco, director of economic indicators at The Conference Board, said in a statement on Tuesday.

That’s all 100 percent Donald Trump. But there’s far more, if you get past the screaming negative headlines and listen.

Listen carefully, and you’ll hear the locomotive of American business gaining steam, stoked by the President every week since his inauguration. He’s clear-cutting the path to robust economic growth, and even Congress is doing its part…

But as this train steams toward the milestone of its first 100 days, American consumers and businesses, large and small, are encouraged by the direction we’re going, pleased by the results we’re seeing, and we have real hope for the future.

Read the Entirety of Mr. Marcus’ Op-ed at RCP

Onan Coca

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