Holy Heterosexuals Wanted!

It is in society’s best interest to encourage heterosexual marriages!

Any society that wants to survive must have children. It takes a heterosexual couple to make a child, and children thrive best when living with both of their biological parents.  A father and mother, committed to each other in marriage, are best able to rear and nurture wholesome children to become admirable, contributing, and taxpaying citizens.

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But many conservative traditionalists have lost their credibility to promote this historic understanding of marriage because vast numbers of us are irresponsibly sexually active before marriage and sexually unfaithful after marriage—just like our unbelieving neighbors. There is an alarming lack of biblical teaching, in many of our churches and synagogues, about adultery, co-habitation and divorce.

Democratic “Progressives,” such as Barack Obama and both Bill and Hillary Clinton, were on record in prior elections seasons as opposing same-sex marriage. Then, when the politically-correct “times” changed, they conveniently converted, revised their positions, and “progressively” joined the new strand of modern ethics in the sexual revolution.

Such culture-war “revisionists” demand “religious traditionalists” not only tolerate LGBT demands and practices, but accept and celebrate what they describe as full freedom and equality in sexual expression and gender identity. Moderation, civility, and “can’t we all get along” appeals are not acceptable.

Now, faced with negative Supreme Court rulings, harassment from aggressive same-sex activists and head-snapping flip-flops from progressive politicians, how are “Holy Heterosexuals” to respond in the public square?

Do we do as the opposition demands and retreat to rehearsing our views and values only within the four walls of a church or synagogue or in our whispered prayers, while cloistered in our closets at home? How can we privately show grace to hurting, broken people who may oppose us and, at the same time, publicly affirm our faith with our words and actions, in our pagan society?

Perhaps “Holy Heterosexuals” should first boldly affirm that their “sincerely held religious values” are not mere opinions, which change with the “times,” so they can be on the “right side of history.”

Rather, their values are to be biblically based and not quickly changed. Personal convictions can guide their private lifestyles, but the common values of a Judeo-Christian culture should come from immutable “thus says to the Lord” commands of Scripture. Their personal beliefs, norms and standards should flow from there.

“Holy Heterosexuals” must recommit to keep their biblically-based marriage vows for a lifetime and raise their biological (and adopted) children in the traditions of their faith, instructed by authentic Judeo-Christian values!

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