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HOLY HELL: Pope Alludes To Personally Protecting Pedophiles

I don’t know about everyone else out there, but it sure feels to me like the world is rapidly moving toward some sort of grand awakening or egregious enlightenment in the coming days.

Some of this newfound knowledge seems to be coming to us from the political sphere, specifically thanks to the election of President Donald Trump in these United States.  We are not only witnessing the full power of the Founding Father’s vision of America, thanks to appointing ourselves a Citizen President, but Trump’s unwillingness to play along with the swamp dwellers of the D.C. Beltway has allowed Americans a glimpse into the dark underbelly of our governmental jerry-rigging.

In some ways, this has emboldened a number of off-brand conspiracy theorists as well, such as Hillary Clinton, who have exploited our nation’s current ideological uncertainty to push a wild narrative involving Donald Trump, The Kremlin, and Wikileaks.  While the nation is scrambling to find political order, Clinton and her surrogate Robert Mueller, are purporting to have the answers and discipline to get us back to the status quo.

In essence, the left is simply telling their constituents that the world is coming to and end and the only way to resolve this is to go back to career politicians sitting atop the throne in D.C.

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Outside of politics, the world is rapidly changing as well, with a number of bizarre realities coming to light in recent months.  Civilized people are no longer convinced that the authorities they ascribe to do no harm, and they are beginning to question everything – which is ostensibly a good thing.

Of these grand mysteries awaiting our perusal is the longstanding dark cloud hanging above the Catholic Church in the form of habitual homosexual child abuse…something that Pope Francis is addressing head on, in a peculiarly personal tone.

Pope Francis met with three Chilean victims of clerical sex abuse in the Vatican last weekend, in which he apologized to them for being “part of the problem.”

The pope hosted Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton, and Andres Murillo at the Vatican’s Santa Marta residence, where he lives. “Pope Francis formally asked us for forgiveness, in his own name and on behalf of the universal Church,” the three said in a statement released Wednesday in Rome.

Last February, a group of Chilean lay Catholics sharply criticized Pope Francis for defending Bishop Juan Barros, who had been accused of covering up for a sexually abusive priest in his diocese and of personally participating in the abuse.

Juan Carlos Claret, a spokesman for the organization Laicos de Osorno, said then that the pope would have to explain “who decided to constantly discredit the testimony of the victims,” since it is no longer “possible to maintain, as some do, that the pope didn’t know and that he had slanted information.”

This rare candor in The Vatican is certainly to be appreciated, but it belies even more issues surrounding the already embattled Pope Francis, whose outspoken political opinions have Catholics pining for a more traditional high pontiff.

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