Hollywood Starlet Defends POTUS, Urges Americans to Trust Trump

Hollywood has become a cesspool of liberal antics in recent months, but one leading lady is taking the common sense approach to politics, urging us all to trust in the President.

The modern political activist from Hollywood no longer needs to wait for an award-show speech to get their point across, thanks to the invasive algorithms of the world’s liberal social media platforms.  Facebook, Twitter, and the like are all censoring and rearranging data in order to show you, the user, what they would like you to see.  In many cases, that content is leftist propaganda aimed at delegitimizing conservatives and conservative values.  Lately, however, those messages from the rich and famous have turned violent.

In the face of all of this anti-Trump “resistance”, Lindsay Lohan is urging a return to decorum and dignity.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted out support for Donald Trump over the long July 4 holiday weekend, urging people to stop bullying the president.

“On Monday, the actress replied to a tweet with a screenshot of a Breitbart article about Trump’s willingness to help Charlie Gard, a baby in Britain whose parents are unable to afford to keep him on life support.

“’THIS IS our president,’ Lohan tweeted. ‘Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA.’

” In another tweet, the former ‘Mean Girls’ star said that the Trump family ‘are kind people. As an American, why speak poorly of anyone?’”
Lohan’s message could not be more succinctly timed, as a number of violent incidents have occurred thanks to the liberal slant against Trump.
The left’s so-called “resistance” movement against the President has turned ugly in recent weeks.  Not only have we been witness to a number of disturbing pieces of assassination pornography from the likes of Kathy Griffin and Snoop Dogg, we’ve been forced to endure a massive push to have the President removed from office in any number of ways.  The left simply doesn’t respect the office of the President anymore, and they are growing ever bolder in their work to end Trump’s reign, or worse.
While Lindsay Lohan may not be in the prime of her career currently, she still ranks as one of the larger stars to come out in support of Trump.  Hollywood has been busy with their demeaning of The Donald, or outright silence on the subject, thanks to the massive liberal slant of both California and of the movie industry.  Now that Lohan has come out of the closet, so to speak, perhaps we will find ourselves with a renewed support of the President in Tinsel Town.
I’m certainly not holding my breath.

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