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Hollywood Liberal Returning to U.S. After “Safety Concerns” Force Move

Hollywood, as a whole, has been a wildly liberal place in rennet months, with many celebrities openly joining the anti-Trump “resistance”.

One such leading man from Tinsel Town, who has been vehemently opposed to any and all actions by the President, is megastar Georgia Clooney.  The “Oceans Eleven” actor’s personal shame for his home nation was so intense, in fact, that Clooney had move to Great Britain.  Now that the award winning actor is becoming a father, however, his outlook on the safety of his family in Europe has changed dramatically, leading Clooney to yearn for the security available in the United States, behind President Trump’s travel ban.

“Life & Style has exclusively learned that George Clooney has recently made plans to move back to LA, for the safety of his family, after the latest spate of terror attacks in England.

“’He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,’ an insider says. ‘He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.’”

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“George’s safety concerns had been growing for years. The Oscar winner ‘has been subject to very serious threats in the past,’ reveals the source, because of his humanitarian efforts in Darfur, Sudan. And Amal’s work as an international human rights lawyer, along with her public pleas for foreign governments to prosecute terrorists, has made her a potential target.”

Clooney’s impending move wasn’t the only America-centric piece of additional security that the actor procured, either.

As it turns out, Clooney had grown so concerned for the safety of his family that he hired former officials within the Secret Service to reconnoiter his residences, in hopes of gleaning insight from the world’s most elite protection service.

Clooney’s move reflects a sentiment being felt all over Europe in recent months, thanks to the European Union’s unwavering and foolish attempt to relocate as many middle eastern migrants as possible in the wake of the Syrian civil war.  This nearsighted venture caused lawmakers at the EU to suggest relaxing border security measures in order to hasten the process.  In turn, this allowed for ISIS and other radical Islamic terror organizations to quickly and easily shift their forces to the European continent, disguised as asylum seekers from Syria.  As of this writing, only Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary have openly refused the EU migrant quota.  These three nations have also been void of terror attacks in recent months.


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