Hollywood Icon Proves Donald Trump’s Election is Good News for America

Hollywood Icon James Woods made a name for himself as a brilliant actor on the stage and screen in popular plays and films in the 70’s and 80’s. Now Woods lives a leisurely life picking up work when he wants to and mocking silly leftists almost daily on his Twitter feed.

In recent years Woods has become an agitator for conservative change and a well-spoken advocate for the right. A couple of days after Donald Trump’s election, Woods tweeted what could be the most important explanation of why we should all be excited about Donald Trump’s victory.

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After only two days of Trump’s Election:

  1. Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad calls for cooperation with the USA.
  2. Russian President Vladimir Putin says Russia is ready to restore positive relations with the USA, preventing the second Cold War from starting.
  3. Mexico and Canada agree to cooperate with pre-elect Donald Trump and renegotiate NAFTA or scrap NAFTA.
  4. White House abandons TPP and TIPP
  5. Dow Jones Industrial Stock Index reaches an all-time high.

Donald Trump’s election is a big deal, folks, and the rest of the world was watching. They understand that the American people spoke up on November 8th, and they’re ready to listen to what we have to say. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has shifted the conversation from America’s passive place in this world to one where we are once again leading the conversation. Not our leaders, but we, the American people. We are telling Russia, Syria, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the world that we have something to say.

That’s a big deal.

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