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Hollywood Heathen Who Ignored Sex Abuse Claims Eyeing White House

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The blurring of the lines between politics and entertainment has become a sight to behold in America, as liberal celebrities are lining up to give us their unsolicited, and uninformed political opinions in 2018.

This has, of course, been exacerbated by the steam engine of populism known as Donald Trump, and his “devil may care” attitude when it comes to fielding attacks from his former Tinseltown pals.  Hollywood would love to take Trump down a peg, but his incessant smile and unwillingness to stop achieving is simply driving the left nuts.

Of these “stars” that have come out swinging against the Commander in Chief are leading ladies such as Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Lawrence, who are both now claiming to have magically transformed into “political activists” overnight.  In reality, these two women are doing nothing more than taking a hiatus from their acting gigs, (after their fair share of controversy, mind you), and using Twitter as some sort of makeshift soapbox for their own liberal views.

Of course, just weeks ago we were also exposed to a newly political Oprah Winfrey as well, with the television host giving a speech during the Golden Globe awards that all but assured her future governmental aspirations.

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Now, another of Hollywood’s most outspoken liberals is slyly hinting at a possible future in politics as well, but he’ll have a lot of work to do to escape some of the more unsavory bits of his salacious past.

“George Clooney continues his charitable giving– now half a million dollars to the March for Our Lives. He and wife Amal will make an appearance at the gun control rally. Clooney is an ardent supporter of civil rights in places like Sudan with the still-going Not On Our Watch (They are still giving hundreds of thousands of dollars there to protect the South Sudan). But this may signal a new political move by him by actual going to Washington DC on March 24th.

“Clooney– thanks to the sale of his Casamigas Tequila company for $1 billion– now has the money to put behind causes he and Amal believe in. So this is a big deal but not uncommon for an actor who is passionate about the right causes.They gave $1 million last year to the Southern Poverty Law Center. And they’ve said that in total they will donate $21 million to various causes.

“George and Amal’s appearance at March for Our Lives will be key to this movement. He won’t be speaking, however: his rep says only ‘kids’ will be speaking at this event, no adults.

“Will Clooney run for president? Last fall when he was promoting ‘Suburbicon,’ Clooney said this: ‘Would I like to be the next president? Oh, that sounds like fun. Can I just say that I’d like anybody to be the next president of the United States. Right away, please,’ he joked.”

While the coy Clooney basically took a “pass” on the quite serious question of his political push, his involvement with March For Our Lives is the real story here, and his massive donation will certainly put the actor in touch with those who can help him make moves toward the Beltway.

Clooney is no saint, however, with a serious allegation of sex abuse coverup being leveled at the Hollywood A-lister by women who worked with him on the set of E.R., where Clooney maintained a level of sway as executive producer.

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