Hollywood Director Slammed for making Pedophile/Childhood Cancer “Joke” in Attempt to Attack Trump

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We’ve already tackled Director Joss Whedon’s mental instability since President Trump’s election, but the man keeps giving us more silliness to write about. Recently, he crossed many lines and even his liberal fans and supporters were forced to call him out for his ugliness.

Yesterday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) met with a group of very special kids. The children had come to D.C. as survivors of childhood cancer, and were meeting with national leaders in their efforts to advocate for other kids who are suffering and to raise awareness for the fight against the ravages of cancer.

Nothing bad to say about any of this, right?

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I mean, it’s a politician meeting with an advocacy group of children who are trying to help other kids suffering with cancer. What could any liberal possibly say? What attack could be launched at President Trump or Speaker Ryan for meeting with these brave and wonderful kids?

Enter Joss Whedon to deliver one disgusting tweet and remind the world of how unhinged some liberals really are:

Whedon has deleted the tweet, but (and this should be a lesson for everyone) the Internet is forever.

Many intrepid Twitter users were able to snap screenshots and reproduce Whedon’s disturbing commentary where he simultaneously mocks cancer surviving children calling them ugly, while also managing to insinuate that Speaker Ryan is a pedophile. It was a train wreck of a tweet and his Twitter followers called him out for it.



Eventually Whedon did delete the original tweet and then he followed that up with an “apology” promising to “be quiet for a bit,” as if being quiet for a bit would fix things.

I’m glad Whedon is “sorry.” However, his apology really doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

While Whedon is one of the more extreme pictures of an unhinged liberal, he’s not the only one out there. There is a wide swath of America that has seemingly lost its collective mind over the election of Donald Trump – a centrist who has as many liberal ideas as he does conservative ones. It really makes no sense, but the craziness continues and some liberals continue to take every opportunity to attack and undermine President Trump for whatever reason they can find (no matter how ridiculous).


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