Hollywood Actor and SNL Alum Viciously Mocks Anti-Trump Liberals!

Funnyman and famously awesome SNL alum Rob Schneider has had a lot to say throughout this election season. His Twitter feed has been a constant stream of logic and middle-of-the-road sensibilities.

It’s not that Schneider has been avoiding the topic of the 2016 presidential election — quite the opposite — he’s been spending a lot of time trashing both candidates and it has been quite spectacular. However, the hilarious actor who brought you the “You can do it!” guy from the movie Waterboy and the heartfelt portrayal of the good guy male escort in Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo has kicked the funny up a notch ever since Donald Trump won on November 8th.

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His favorite target in recent days has been the whiny liberals who can’t seem to get over their recent loss.

Check out Schneider in all of his Twitter glory:














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