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Hobby Lobby Blasted on Social Media for RIDICULOUS Reason by SJW’s

As the liberal world continues to look for and more ridiculous ways to be offended, Hobby Lobby made the horrific mistake of using a common crop in the south for a decorative display.

So far, 2017 has been the year of the offended.  Radical leftists, crybabies, snowflakes, and other assorted whiners have constructed a monopoly on complaining in the past 8 months, being “triggered” by a continuous stream of fictitious “micro aggressions” meant to dehumanize those who committed these non-offenses.

Part of the strategy of the left is to create increasingly complex rules for free speech in order to confuse the rest of the common sense American society.  This way, there is never an opinion in their enemies’ camp that can be taken seriously.  It’s a game of weaponized semantics that only the left could embrace as their own.

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Now, as Hobby Lobby rolls out their fall collection of their decorations, the left has found a way to somehow be offended by a plant in a vase.

“Daniell Rider, a Hobby Lobby consumer, found a decoration at one of their stores so offensive, she shared the image on Facebook requesting that they remove the decor from their shelves.

“Rider on Thursday shared a photo of a shelf with glass bottles containing what appear to be replicas of raw cotton plants.

“She captioned the photo, ‘This decor is WRONG on SO many levels. There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves.’

“’A little sensitivity goes a long way,’ she added. ‘PLEASE REMOVE THIS ‘decor.’”

“The reaction was split — some commenters supported Rider’s outrage and wrote things like, ‘What do you expect from HL!!!? NEVER shop there!’ while others couldn’t find the offense in the innocuous-looking decoration.

“One commenter wrote, ‘Ummm… it’s cotton… wtf…its 2017… do you know some slaves in 2017 that picked this cotton and didn’t get paid for it. Just… stop.’”

This is the absurdity of the ultraliberals that have caused their political reach to dwindle so violently in recent years.

These complaints are just plain absurd, and are unequivocally meant to bring attention to the “offended”, not to any sort of real-world problem.  Does Rider believe that Hobby Lobby’s enormous corporate presence secretly got together to design an Autumnal decoration with the intent of promoting slavery?  Or is Rider more likely looking for a little internet fame?


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