Trump Effect

Hilton Hotel Chain Makes YUGE Move After Trump Effect Hits

The fledgling presidency of Donald Trump has ushered in a new era of American confidence and greatness, and the latest move by Hilton Hotels is simply confirmation of that.

The so-called “Trump Effect” has been sweeping the nation in recent months.  Not only have enormous corporations such as Ford, Chrysler, and IBM reinvested in the American workforce at an astonishing clip, consumer confidence is riding high on the notion that Donald Trump is fully committed to making America great again.  Now, one of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains is readying a plan to invest in a very particular section of the American workforce:  Veterans.

“On Wednesday the Hilton chain of hotels announced their plan to hire another 20,000 veterans and family members, as they did in 2013 when the chain hired 10,000 veterans.

“At the time most of the hires were in Florida, Texas and California, which all have large veteran populations, as well as Nevada, South Carolina and Hawaii.

“Recently the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study and found the unemployment rate for vets who have been on active duty since September 2001 was 5%, compared to the national average of 4.5%

“The study also found that veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have more challenges in re-entering the civilian labor market, in that the many skills they’ve acquired are designed for combat, rather than those skill sets needed for civilian employment.”

Hilton Hotels aren’t simply hiring veterans for any old position either. The hotel chain has been investigating military occupational codes in an effort to match service members with careers that suit their training and skill level, ensuring an effective head start for these veterans who otherwise may find it difficult to reenter the civilian workforce.

Given the strength of Trump’s convictions on the American workforce, we can expect that victories such as this will continue to occur for our military members on and off the battlefield.

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