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Hill’s Gone Haywire! Harvard Speech Goes Off The Rails!

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There was never much doubt that Hillary Clinton, former First Lady of these United States, was a little bit out there.

Never mind the fact that she would have also had to keep up with whatever shenanigans ol’ Hubby Bubba was up to, Hillary herself has always seemed to have some fairly lofty goals.  Sure, it doesn’t hurt that she seems to get all of her obstacles, um, neytaralizovannyy is how’d they say it in the KGB.

That’s neutralized for those of us who don’t want to look it up.

Riding high on her own fantasy of playing Obama’s fiddle for their subtly shared term, Hillary never stopped to contemplate what her future would hold should Donald Trump ride a populist wave into the presidency.

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Spoiler alert…

Now, as the President continues to drain the swamp, of which Hillary is undoubtedly the apex predator, the shrewd charlatan is growing wary of the noose’s movements.  One of her latest public appearances demonstrated the strain she has been under, as the former Secretary of State went off rails and into plea deal territory.

Hillary Clinton declared that there was a “crisis in our democracy” in a speech on Friday as she received a medal from Harvard University for her service to the country.

Clinton, who has frequently given a dour appraisal of America’s current political and social reality, was given the Radcliffe Medal, which honors those who have had a “transformative impact on society.”

Organizers said they chose Clinton because the former secretary of state was a human rights champion, as well as a “skilled legislator” and an “advocate of American leadership” on the world stage.

In her remarks, she did not mention President Trump by name, but took some not-so-veiled swipes at the White House — talking about leaders who seek to polarize the nation, delegitimize news outlets and also spread fake news.

This preemptive, civil war-mongering blathering has no place in our current political discussion, yet it persists in the terrified leftist shards of the establishment.
Hillary followed that up with this gem:

“Attempting to erase the line between fact and fiction, truth and reality is a core feature of authoritarianism,” she said.

So does that make CNN das Lügenpresse?

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