Hillary’s Oxymoron: More Jobs, Less Profits!

Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are constantly warning us about these disgusting things called ‘profits’. You see, you’re to be furious at the very existence of such a system where profits  are allowed to transpire. Well, not your profits. Other people’s profits. Rich people’s profits.  See, when you’re at home on the couch drinking a beer and watching Hillary speak on television, you’re supposed to hear her say directly to you “there are all of these rich people out there not paying their fair share, who are only interested in profits and they’re hoarding it from people like you”. That is, in essence, the entire Democrat party platform. Whatever you want but don’t have is owed to you by someone who does have it. What I hear when she talks is “I’m a lying sleazebag *cough* Marxist who *cough* wears orange jumpsuits just to *cough* mock the FBI for letting me *cough* off the hook and dodging prison”. My wife says I have selective hearing.

What I find most curious is how, with a straight face, Hillary can talk about bringing ‘jobs’ back to America and in the same breath (but in between coughs) demonize ‘profits’. Do you not take a job so you can earn a personal profit? Are we casting that idea into the same trash bin of former truths alongside ‘boys are boys and girls are girls’, and ‘terrorists should be treated as enemies’? How can these two things possibly be at odds with each other? Or are you telling me that your 40-50 hours a week are free labor?

They’re not. Okay got it. So where does the money from you paycheck come from? The boss. The rich person. The boss runs the business that produces a product, pays off their expenses including labor (that’s you) and whatever is left over they take a personal payment and reinvest the rest into the business so they can make more money, the success of which will mean that you make more money because you continue to work and that work becomes more profitable for everyone. Boss makes money, you make money. Boss makes money, you make money. It’s a vicious cycle of slavery if you ask me, these nasty profit schemes.

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What would be better – and hear me out on this – is if the government just took all the money, forced the businesses to still produce everything despite their only incentive being not going to jail, and appointed a bureaucratic overseer to ensure that all goods and services produced are distributed equally to everyone (except the elites at the top. They’re special). That’s what we all want, after all. Equality. Fairness. Not liberty and justice. That’s old fashioned. No, I want to receive the same amount of milk and bread as everyone else regardless of how much work I do. I know that concept sounds genius, and I’d love to take credit for it, but it’s actually a system that’s been around a long time. It goes by many names. Fascism. Statism. Communism. Socialism. Tyranny (can’t all be isms).

Go ahead and whip out one of your paystubs. Unless it says SNAP on it, it’ll have a few items listed. There will be your gross pay, some itemized deductions, taxes, other taxes, some more taxes, and finally a net amount of take home pay. Shockingly, and contrary to Hillary Clinton’s poisonous rhetoric, there is no line stating ‘CEO bonus, minus $1000’. What you do see, as previously mentioned, are taxes, taxes, taxes, and some more taxes.

The government isn’t sending you any checks, but they’re damn well taking chunks of yours. Massive chunks. Then they’re blowing billions of those dollars every year on themselves so they can find new ways to convince you that you need to pay more taxes. All the while, they’re conditioning you to believe that your boss, the person who has provided you with a job, something that we all apparently agree is a desirable thing, is the enemy. They’re the ones not paying their fair share. Oh sure, it’s a cold hard fact that the top 20% of earners in America pay 84% of the income tax, but that’s not fair. No. It should be 100%. No, 150%. The government should suck them dry because when they started their business, slaved through the government regulations, worked 20 hours a day trying to expand and grow into something successful, they obviously didn’t earn it. Hillary Clinton did. Barrack Obama did. You did, as you were sitting on the couch watching her tell you about how evil these people are. It’s your money. They didn’t build that business, you did simply by casting a vote for the right person.

The government will then of course spend and distribute the wealth more equitably, as government has proven over and over again it is most capable of doing. Like when they blew $78 billion on ‘improper payments’, or $60 billion on ‘healthcare fraud’, or this doozy, $92 billion on ‘corporate welfare’. Yes, there is way too much profit making out there, so let’s vote for more government that will take the money from them and give it to the corporations of their choosing. Lobbyists are bad, so let’s vote for more government that systematically incentivizes corporations to hire lobbyists. Now we’re sticking it to the man, amiright?

Just add those three examples up and divide them by 300 million people, you’re left with about $767. Thank God I made it through school before common core or that would’ve taken 12 pages to calculate. So are you telling me you couldn’t use an extra $767? Well too bad because Hillary says it’s not yours, it’s hers to decide what to do with. That’s the only way to make society fair.

It’s maddening. Despicable. Selfish. A sign of the times, quite frankly. We wouldn’t be the first empire to implode because so many of its citizens grew too dependent on government for their wants and needs. We wouldn’t even be close to the first society to turn on each other, denying basic facts and reason, and lying to ourselves that our corrupt leaders are ‘on our side’ while they tighten the noose around lady liberty’s neck.

My new radical idea is simple. I sincerely hope it spreads like wildfire.


Your money is your money.

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