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Hillary’s Horrendous Health on Full Display in Streets of Chappaqua

The left seems to constantly want the rest of the nation to suspend their belief in reality in order to come to the same conclusions that they have.

For instance, when the liberal mindset dictated that we desegregate public school restrooms and locker rooms after having believed, since their inception in academia, that these places should be separate but equal.  This was all based on Barack Obama’s assertion that the nation’s infinitesimal transgender community was being underserved by the federal government – a pet project that very well could have been used to simply galvanize the LGBTQ community around doomed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

And, speaking of Hillary Clinton…

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Another incredibly blatant use of the left’s anti-reality lens was on full display during the media’s coverage of the 2016 electoral contest, in which We The People were led to believe that Hillary Clinton was a woman of impeccable health.

The evidence to the contrary has been coming hard and steady since the end of her doomed campaign, with the former First Lady cancer-ridden coal miner’s cough making more than a few appearances as of late.

Just this weekend, some keen observers in Chappaqua, New York had another clue to add to the mounting pile surrounding the former Secretary of State.

The Girl Scouts over to Hillary’s left are wearing shorts.  Hillary has a full length peacoat and scarf on, to march in.

And, let’s not pretend that we can’t see how enormously bulky this thing is.  Many observers have noticed that, earlier this year, it became obvious that Clinton was wearing some sort of intense back brace.  Take a look at the supposedly fit for office Clinton struggling to navigate this crowd.

Please, mainstream media, I’m begging you:  Stop trying to make me pretend that this is all normal, or sane, or not a big deal.  It most certainly is.

Hillary Clinton has, even after repeated failures, chosen to seek political influence in our nation.  She will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future.  Her health is something that must be considered if she is to be taken seriously as a candidate.

That’s a big ‘if’, I know.

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