Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Embarrassing, Possibly Drunken Debauchery at Women’s Fundraiser


Hillary Clinton was doing just fine while she was tucked away into seclusion at her rural New York Estate, and her recent foray “out of the woods” is beginning on a disastrous note.

The former First Lady and 2016 democratic nominee for President was speaking at a fundraiser for Women of Irish descent last week when photographers discovered that Clinton was having a difficult time stopping herself from stumbling.  Clinton, who was tackily decked out in green for the Saint Patrick’s Day-centric fundraiser, had to be assisted by someone as she exited the event; a scene very familiar to the American voters who witnessed a visibly ill Clinton struggle through the entire 2016 campaign with an obvious medical ailment.

“Hillary didn’t hide her over imbibing ways throughout her campaign as she was frequently seen a little tipsy. However, it looks like she’s stepped that up a notch now that she clearly isn’t concerned with keeping a professional demeanor around other people as the aging woman was spotted letting loose like a college girl last week, with a special man on her arm that can only mean one thing.

“If there’s one thing that can get Hillary out of the house, it’s donors at a fundraising event for her benefit. It certainly helped that there was alcohol at the Society for Irish Women event in Pennsylvania this past Friday, which Hillary seemed to take advantage of. A photographer for the event was shocked to see her stumbling all over the place and that she wasn’t even able to walk without a familiar figure holding her up.

“It appears that the need for special ‘handlers’ is back in Hillary’s life, just like those who helped her walk throughout the campaign trail. A woman seen clutching the ailing alcoholic’s arm is her newest support system ensuring she doesn’t faceplant in public.”


Here, we see a photograph from the event in which Clinton is clearly a little too jovial, while simultaneously being handled by someone capable of supporting her physically:




This cause of this latest incident has yet to be determined, whether it be an over-imbibing Clinton or the continued effects of her mystery maladies.

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