Hillary Clinton

Hillary Unveils ANOTHER Excuse for 2016 Embarrassment in England

It has been nearly two years since we believed that we would be finally rid of the queen of Capitol Hill corruption, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Instead of fading into obscurity as we had all hoped, Clinton has been doubling, and tripling, down on her excuses for the electoral evisceration she received at the hands of President Donald Trump, in 2016.  The election itself was considered by many to be a simple coronation for the career criminal, who was revealed to have stacked the deck in her favor by buying out the DNC during the primaries, and then working to completely nullify the threat posed by democratic challenger Bernie Sanders.

All of this information came from within her own campaign, as a number of high level emails from the account of campaign manager John Podesta were made available by Wikileaks.

Further digging on these clandestine transmissions exposed a slew of horrific crimes against the American people, including abuses of power that Genghis Khan would have been careful to keep hidden.

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Still, Clinton has feigned her innocence…poorly.

One of the former Secretary of State’s most bizarre moves in the fallout from 2016 came in the form of a book entitled “What Happened”, meant to be an explanation for why she wasn’t automatically selected by We The People to lead our nation.  The tome was quickly outed as fiction by the press thanks to the aforementioned Wikileaks information.

Now, all the way out here in the summer of 2018, Hillary Clinton is still making excuses, and her latest was such a farcical piece of divisive drivel that she only had the courage to utter such nonsense in the United Kingdom.

“Populists can stay in power by mobilizing a fervent base. There are many other lessons like this… My personal experience of winning three million more votes but still losing. We’ll leave discussions of the American electoral college for another day,” said Clinton.

And, for those of you who may not be willing to believe such a mindless bit of word vomit actually spilled forth from Clinton’s cavernous oratory orifice, we have the evidence:

If I didn’t know better, I would say that this sounds an awful lot like the anti-Communist rhetoric that Adolf Hitler used to demonize his political enemies and attempt to create Nazism as a national pastime, as opposed to simply a political affiliation.

There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton is growing desperate.  Should she attempt an ill-conceived candidacy in 2020, statements such as this will be right there beside her, haunting the attempt with the help of the countless skeletons that inhabit the former First Lady’s closet as well.

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