Hillary Supporter and BLM Advocate Guns Down Police Officer, Mother of Three, in NYC

In what is being described as an “unprovoked” attack, a police officer and mother of three was slain yesterday in New York City.

The unfathomable attack occurred on Monday, just before the 4th of July holiday, and has left the city speechless as they attempt to discover the meaning behind the murder.  With the suspect now deceased, authorities have been left to probe the attacker’s social media history where they found a number of politically charged statements.  

“Authorities are trying to piece together a motive after NYPD officer and mother of three Miosotis Familia was brutally gunned down in cold blood by Alexander Bonds early Monday morning while she sat in a temporary headquarters vehicle at East 183rd Street and Morris Avenue in Fordham Heights.

“’This is absolutely an unprovoked attack,’ said NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill. Police say surveillance footage shows Bonds pulling up his hoodie before ‘purposefully’ walking up to the vehicle and shooting through the passenger side.

“Bonds’ Facebook page reveals that days before the presidential election, he posted a video of a woman alleging that voting machines were switching Hillary Clinton votes to Donald Trump.

“’Watch out also go vote our voices matter believe that if I could I kno u would,’ he wrote.

“On the same day he urged people to ‘get mad’ about the election and vote. When asked who he was voting for, Bonds responded that he couldn’t vote (due to his felony conviction), but said people should vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Evidence of the radicalization of the American political left is growing, and Bonds’ crime is just the latest piece of the puzzle.

The election of Donald Trump has set off a chain reaction of liberally motivated violent crime in recent months, as the leftists of our nation continue a downward spiral into hysteria.  Fueled by violent imagery and the normalization of the President’s assassination by celebrities, those who consider themselves politically active in the liberal camp have increasingly turned toward violence and the use of force in order to spread their anti-conservative message.  Bonds, like James T. Hodgkinson before him, are simply members of the liberal legion of New Civil War advocates who are hoping that their bloodshed will spark a larger battle between Americans, split merely by political allegiances.

Given the extreme nature of these recent developments, it is both surprising and disturbing to see so few left-leaning figures and media outlets denouncing the violence.  Instead, we are bearing witness to a vast ignorance of these crimes’ political nature, as the liberals secretly yearn for their violent uprising to take hold.

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