Hillary Clinton

Hillary STILL Talking About 2016 Election in New Book, Calls Trump “Creep”

The democratic party should be utterly embarrassed in themselves for putting Hillary Clinton up against Donald Trump in 2016.

Not only was Clinton’s long history of corruption a terribly off-putting piece of the political puzzle, but her horrendously obvious health concerns had a great many Americans wondering if the former First Lady would even survive until election day, let alone the stresses of office.

Still, the democrats pulled all of their usual tricks in order to stifle democratic challenger Bernie Sanders, including a massive bout of collusion with the DNC that was only discovered after information was sortied to Wikileaks after the primaries had ended.  Furthermore, evidence was uncovered that showed DNC staffer Donna Brazile working with CNN in order to relay future debate questions to Clinton, a clear and utterly vile action that proved just what lengths the incorrigible Clinton was willing to go to in order to win the White House.

Now, 9 months after Clinton was handed a devastating defeat at the hands of American patriot Donald Trump in the general election, Hillary has refused to cease her unending whining about the death of her presidential aspirations, revealing in a new book a great deal of angst that she has held since those fateful confrontations.

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Like a jilted teenager on prom night, Hillary has taken to her diary, er, new book to lash out at the man who left her behind in November.

“In the first excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated upcoming memoir, the former Democratic presidential candidate said her ‘skin crawled’ during a debate with Donald Trump.

“In audio clips of Clinton reading from the book, ‘What Happened,’ which were first obtained by MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ on Wednesday, Clinton recounted her thoughts as she toyed with the idea of telling her Republican rival to “back up, you creep” as he stood behind her during the second presidential debate.

“‘My skin crawled,’ Clinton said. ‘It was one of those moments where you wish you could hit pause and ask everyone watching “well, what would you do?”‘

“Just two days prior, Clinton said, ‘the world heard [Trump] brag about groping women.’

“Clinton said during the debate she decided against telling Trump, ‘back up, you creep, get away from me,’ and in order to keep her composure, she gripped the microphone ‘extra hard.'”

Not only is Hillary Clinton simply rehashing a popular liberal opinion in her own boring and simple language, but these excerpts go to show that Clinton is still playing the “woman card” 9 months removed from her electoral failure.

Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton is one of the most powerful women on the planet.  By playing up her helplessness and attempting to paint the now-President as a sexual predator, Hillary is exploiting the fears of women who have experience sexual abuse and assault in order to bring them on board for her next political move.  It is a despicable and dirty emotional game that the former Secretary of State is playing simply to garner votes and must be recognized as such.

By dredging up these feelings of being preyed upon in her wildly hyperbolic way, Clinton is forcing a great many women to relive moments in which they actually felt threatened.

Someone should ask one of Bill Clinton’s victims how they feel about Hillary likening her debate experience to sexual assault.

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