Hillary Clinton

Hillary Slithers Forward to Emit Eerie, Egregious Call to Arms

A forked tongue is indicative of a number of characteristics, both in the reality and in metaphor.  In both realms, the euphemism often denotes being “cold blooded”.

For those literally imbued with such an anatomical device, the cold blood is also literal.  Snakes, lizards, and any number of creepy-slithery creatures who rely on the sun’s warmth for energy often have bifurcated tongues in order to assist them with their sensory load.

In the more ethereal meaning, someone who is metaphorically cold-blooded would have a metaphorical forked tongue as well, indicating simply that are malleable with their exclamations in order to navigate a world of deceit and chicanery.

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Hillary Clinton – the quintessential caricature of a corrupt politician, has undoubtedly been compared to a snake in the past, and her recent escalation of rhetoric has forced us to once again make the dogged comparison.  Over the course of the last day, Clinton’s vitriolic verbiage has gotten so bad, in fact, that it borders on war mongering.

That’s right, liberals:  Hillary Clinton would like you to be uncivil until such a time as the democrats are back in control of Congress.

Is this the sort of temperament that we would have wanted in the Oval Office? Certainly not, and if Hillary is considering an ill-conceived 2020 candidacy, we can only hope that the American people won’t forget about this wholly inexcusable call to arms.

This isn’t a dog whistle, folks.  This is an air raid siren to the radical conglomerate amassing on the left side of the nation.  If Clinton and her compatriots don’t tone down this nonsensical narrative, Americans will be hurt, or worse.


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