Hillary Seeking to Avoid Same Mistake she made with Obama

There is a reason that so many people are drawn to politics. In many ways, it mimics the strategy and competition of professional sports. The comparison is easily recognized in the Clinton Campaign.

In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the long odds favorite to be the first woman president of the United States. Going into the primaries, she was faced with has-beens and never-will-bes. There was no one for Clinton to worry about, at least that what all the pundits and political experts were saying.

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In the end, we all know that the never-done-anything freshmen Senator from Illinois surprised the world and took the campaign. Now, as many have been all but inaugurating Clinton as Obama’s successor, another nobody liberal has come along to challenge the Clinton fairytale.

[score]Bernie Sanders[/score] has not drifted into the past pages of history. On the contrary, he has pushed Clinton, who was barely able to edge the Senator out in Iowa. And because of Clinton’s struggle with Sanders, there may be staff changes.

The Washington Times reports

The Clinton camp will reassess its national campaign after New Hampshire, with some insiders telling Politico Bill and Hillary Clinton are unhappy with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign messaging and digital strategy and they are considering staff changes.


Mrs. Clinton is expected to lose the first in the nation primary in New Hampshire Tuesday to Sen. Bernard Sanders, according to several polls. Still reeling from her narrow victory in Iowa, instead of re-evaluating her campaign strategy after the first four primary states, insiders tell Politico the reassessment could come sooner.

This could mean a departure from the 2008 strategy. One in which it seemed clear that Hillary and her staff felt that her popularity and public anger at the Republicans would carry her to the Oval Office.

Now, if Sanders continues as he is in the polls and Hillary’s legal questions continue to loom, many may see Sanders as not only the better but more electable candidate for the DNC. And what does that say about the Democrats and America?

A sad commentary indeed.

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