Hillary Regime Being Sold to Christians [VIDEO]

Why should I punish my children and grandchildren with a Hillary regime because of Donald Trump’s sins?

Why do we deserve a Hillary regime because of Donald Trump’s sins?

Trump’s perverse boasting was sickening and sinful, but I still don’t want a pro-abortion, corrupt, Wall Street, anti-Christian, terrorist sponsor as the Chief Executive of the U.S. government. Why would Donald Trump’s perversity from eleven years ago change that?

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He was never a moral or Christian candidate. That audiotape only surprised blind fools. The rest who pretend to be shocked or outraged are obvious hypocrites.

Yet we are expected to meekly submit to a Hillary regime because of Donald Trump’s sins.

I grant that Trump’s sins may be related to the sins of many Americans. How many people who claim it is now unacceptable to vote for Donald Trump are afraid for anyone to see their browser history. Trump’s rise could easily reflect something wrong in the American public.

That was part of why I opposed him during the primary.

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But he won the primary and God has now revealed to us that we are faced with one of two possible people who will become President. You’re not voting on a pastor. You’re faced with the question of who will wield the powers of the Federal Government and determine the make-up of the Supreme Court for many generations.

What is it about Donald Trump’s sins that make it all right for you to abdicate your vote to a Hillary regime?

Do you think this is a test from God to prove you’re faithful?

God has raised up far more wicked rulers than Donald Trump is made out to be to protect the church. Why should we be so special as to never face such a situation?

God has presented you with one possible escape from a Hillary regime. It may not work, but it is the only chance we have.

Only an absurd self-righteousness would make you turn your back on it.


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