Hillary Wanted This 80-Year-Old Woman to be Defenseless Against An Armed Intruder

Monroe, Washington is a small community of 17,000 residents located about 30 miles northeast of Seattle. Around 8pm one evening last week, 80-year-old Barbara Moles found her husband lying on the floor and bleeding from a stab wound. He managed to tell his wife that he had been stabbed.

Barbara realized that there was an intruder in the house. Her instincts kicked in and she hurried to her bedroom to retrieve her gun and then went searching for the intruder. When she confronted him, he had her vitamins in one hand and a knife in the other. Barbara said that the intruder, later identified as Steven Sheppard, said ‘gun’ and she shot him. Sheppard was hit but not serious enough to prevent him from trying to escape through the front door. Barbara fired three more times, hitting Sheppard twice more, dropping him in his tracks.

What would have happened if this took place in some of the east coast states with strict gun control laws? Some of them require a homeowner to keep guns unloaded and in a locked gun safe or cabinet. Others require trigger locks on the unloaded guns. These gun laws are stupid and serve only leave the homeowner unprotected from intruders like Steven Sheppard.

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Realize that Hillary Clinton supports many of these dangerous extreme gun control laws that would make it impossible for homeowners to defend themselves. If it was up to Clinton, Barbara Moles and her husband would have been left to the mercy of the knife wielding intruder, possibly resulting in both of their deaths. Does Hillary really want to leave 80-year-old women defenseless?

In August 2014, a couple in Huntsville, Alabama were confronted by an armed intruder who broke into their apartment. The husband responded by pulling out his gun and pointing it at the intruder, who got so frightened that he dropped his gun and wallet when he tripped trying to flee the apartment. Does Hillary really want to leave this couple defenseless?

In January 2013, Paul Ali Slater tried to break into the home of Donnie Herman in Loganville, Georgia. Herman was at work, but his wife and 9-year-old twin sons were home. She didn’t recognize the man at the door and called her husband who told her to grab the boys and hide in the crawl space. When no one answered, Slater pried the door open and began ransacking the house. When he opened the door to the crawl space, Herman’s wife shot him 5 times in the neck and head, but he was not dead. He managed to flee but wrecked his truck down the street and was captured by police. Does Hillary really want to leave this wife and mother defenseless?

In June 2010, a 15-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister were home alone in their Houston home. Suddenly a pair of strangers tried to gain entrance to the house through the front door, but found it locked. Next the strangers tried the back door and again found it locked. Then they broke in through a back window only to be greeted by the 15-year-old boy holding his father’s AR-15 assault-style rifle. Fearing for the safety of his sister and himself, the teenager opened fire on the two suspects, who fled the house as quickly as they could. The boy immediately called his father who was a deputy constable in Harris County Precinct 1. A short time later an adult male and a juvenile showed up at Tomball hospital. The adult male was reported to have had at least three bullet wounds that were serious enough to warrant him being transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The juvenile was taken back to the crime scene to be identified and arrested. Does Hillary really want to leave these teenagers defenseless?

In February 2013, a family of three were at home in Houston. Around 8:30pm, a young man knocked on the door. Seeing it was someone around the same age as his son, the father opened the door. He was quickly shoved to the floor and three intruders entered the house. With dad on the floor, the three men went after the mom. At that time, son grabbed his dad’s gun and starts shooting at the intruders to save his parents. When police arrived, one intruder was dead and the other fled the scene, but was soon captured. Does Hillary really want to leave this family defenseless?

In March 2013, a woman in Maypearl, Texas was home alone when she heard her front door rattling. She looked out and saw two young men, one dressed in camouflage and had a gun strapped across his back. She immediately called her husband and then ran to get her gun. Her husband was just pulling into the driveway when the intruders broke into the house. He entered the house through the back door, grabbed his gun and began shooting at the intruders. A gun fight ensued. The husband was wounded in the side but not seriously. The two teenaged intruders must have realized that they were over matched and rather than face going to jail, they took their own lives. Does Hillary really want to leave people defenseless when they are home alone?

In June 2013, 72-year-old Jan Cooper of Anaheim, California was able to protect her wheelchair bound 85-year-old husband from a home invasion. It was around 12:30am Sunday morning when she heard the prowler outside the house. The elderly couple’s Rottweiler was furiously barking, but the suspect wasn’t thwarted by the sound of the large dog. Jan dialed 911 after grabbing her .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver. She begged the dispatcher to send the police right away because someone was at her back sliding door trying to break in. She also informed the dispatcher that she had a gun. While still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, Jan said that she could see the man’s silhouette through the blinds on the back door. Then she told the dispatcher that he was starting to slide the back door open. She told the dispatcher that she was firing, followed by the loud sound of a gunshot. The intruder fled but was later caught by the police. Does Hillary really want to leave elderly and handicapped Americans defenseless?

In April 2014, a Detroit man was home when he heard the sound of breaking glass. He grabbed his rifle and saw two people outside trying to break into his house, so he fired several shots at them and then called 9-1-1. When police arrived, they found a male suspect collapsed on a neighbor’s lawn. This suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other suspect turned out to be a woman. She was shot in the leg and since the bullet hit the femoral artery, she lost a lot of blood and ended up in critical condition. Does Hillary really want to leave this Detroit man defenseless?

In August 2014, two homeless men armed with a baseball bat and several aggressive dogs broke into the home of a 23-year-old man. They attacked the home owner and took turns beating him with the bat. After suffering extensive head, face and back injuries, the home owner tried to escape. In the attempt, he managed to grab his loaded shotgun and fired two warning shots into the air. The two intruders were frightened by the shots and fled the home. Then they had the audacity to phone police to report that they had been shot at. The police subsequently rewarded them for their call by arresting the two intruders who were then charge with assault. Does Hillary really want to leave this young man defenseless, allowing these intruders to finish him off?

In October 2014, a woman in Hockley, Texas, was fixing breakfast for a house full of people. Her three young granddaughters were with her in the kitchen. Also in the house at the time were her husband, two grown sons and an employee of the family’s construction business. Suddenly, the door to house was kicked open and three armed intruders entered the house, guns drawn. As the woman began to plead for the lives of her granddaughters, one of her sons entered the kitchen with his gun and started shooting at the intruders. One of the thugs fell where he stood as the other two tried to shoot back as they ran from the house and escaped in a car. The family ran next door where they called 9-1-1. When police showed up at the scene, they found one of the intruders lying dead on the kitchen floor. He had no identity on him, but police are confident that they will find out who he is and hopefully tracked down his accomplices. Does Hillary really want to leave a grandmother and family defenseless against three armed thugs?

In December 2011, 18-year-old Sarah McKinley of Oklahoma City used a shotgun to defend herself and her baby from two knife wielding intruders. One of the intruders knew that Sarah had recently buried her husband and that she was home alone with her three-month-old son. There is no telling what would have happened to her and her baby if she did not have the shotgun which she used to shot one of the intruders who kicked in her door. Does Hillary really want to leave a grieving young widow and new mom defenseless?

In October 2012, 12-year-old Kendra St. Clair, was home alone when someone broke into her house. Frightened, she called her mom who told her to grab mom’s handgun, a .40 caliber Glock, hide in mom’s closet and call 911. The intruder made his way to mom’s bedroom and was trying to open the closet when Kendra fired one shot through the closet door. She hit the intruder in the shoulder causing him to flee the house. A short time later, police apprehended him and he is facing charges. Does Hillary really want to leave young girls home alone and defenseless?

In November 2015, someone tried to break in the back door of a home in Charleston County, South Carolina. A 13-year-old boy was home alone and heard two men at the back door trying to break in. He grabbed one of his mom’s loaded guns and approached the back door. The intruders were still trying to get the door open so the boy fired through the door. One of the intruders fired back and then left. It was reported that they got into a silver car and drove away. Lamar Brown, 31, had been mortally wounded by the boy and his partner in crime, Ira Bennet, 28, drove him to a nearby medical center. Brown died of his wound and Bennet was arrested by the police. Police said they recovered a gun from the back yard that the intruder had dropped. Does Hillary really want to leave young boys home alone and defenseless?

Before the November election, I would love to see all of these victims gather together and face Hillary Clinton and ask her to defend her strict anti-Second Amendment gun control laws. Could she sit there and tell these men, women, children, mothers, wives, husbands, dads, grandparents, elderly and handicapped Americans that they should not be allowed to keep loaded guns easily accessible in their own homes? Or would she lie to them like she did to the parents of the four Americans killed at the US Embassy Compound in Benghazi? If only an event like this would happen and be televised nationally, I’m sure it would destroy Hillary’s campaign.

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